We know that there are too many net-bars(网吧) around us .The Internet can make our lives interesting and enjoyable. Many of us like getting online very much because we can learn how to use the computer and get more information from the Internet.
English is the most popular language in the world, and it is also most widely spoken of all the language. It is mother tongue in many important countries, such as the USA,England, Australia and so on. In India, Though it is not the mother tongue, it 's the important offical language.
What is more_________. thirdly_____. As a result____________.Considering all there,____________.For one thing_____,for another____.In Conclusion______________.
A letter of application2013-06-11
假如你是Tina.学生会正在招聘新成员,你想应聘.请给学生会的Mr Lee写一封申请信.
伟大的中国,我爱你!(Great China, I love you!)2013-06-11
When people talk about China, they often think of many great Chinese people such as Confucius, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Yuan Longping and so on. All of them made a great contribution to making China better. When people talk about China, they also think of many great places of interest such as the Great Wall, Mount Tai, Sun-Moon Lake and so on.
电子贺卡(Electronic Card)2013-06-10
now more and more people send cards to each other when in special days.most of us use paper cards,but now i want to introduce a special card to you,it's the electronic card.
拒抽二手烟(No Secondhand Smoke)2013-06-09
吸入抽烟者所吐出的烟是件很不舒服的事.这一点我很清楚,因为我爸爸烟抽得很凶.当我们同处一个房间时,他吐出的烟充满了我的肺,也呛得我两眼流泪. 如果可能,公共场所应该全面禁烟,因为对不抽烟的人而言,要他们经历吸入充满烟味的空气,这种折磨是不公平的.
though the people in the world are all opposed to war, they can by no means avoid it. this is indeed a regrettable thing.
该工作时工作(work while you work)2013-06-08
both work and play are necessary to us; the former gives us knowledge while the latter (gives) rest. an english proverb is well said: work while you work play while you play. it makes our life pleasant, efficient and successful.
一次夏令营(A Summer Camp)2013-06-08
this summer, i had some special days. i joined dongzhou international educational exchange summer camp.
说声谢谢(Say thank you)2013-06-07
how much do we learn proving that we are right? nothing.how much do we learn proving that other people are wrong? nothing.how much of our lives have been wasted on these two pursuits?
幼犬销售(Puppies for Sale)2013-06-07
a farmer had some puppies he needed to sell. he painted a sign advertising the pups and set about nailing it to a post on the edge of his yard. as he was driving the last nail into the post, he felt a tug on his overalls. he looked down into the eyes of a little boy.
电脑能代替纸笔吗?(Can Computers Replace Paper and Pen?)2013-06-06
People often say we have entered the electronic age. Computers have become the center of life. No one can live and work without computers.
引起火灾的原因(The Cause of fire)2013-06-06
as we all know, fire is one of the most terrible killers in our modern society.we know that fire is mainly caused by smokers, followed by defective insulations and children playing with matches.
你真漂亮,她说(Beautiful, She Said)2013-06-05
i never thought that i understood her. she always seemed so far away from me. i loved her, of course. we shared mutual love from the day i was born. i came into this world with a bashed head and deformed features because of the hard labor my mother had gone through.
早上淋浴(Morning Shower)2013-06-05
a nice cool shower first thing in the morning wakes me up completely and leaves me refreshed. before taking the shower, i am usually so sleepy that i can hardly open my eyes.
我的优缺点(My Strengths and Weaknesses)2013-06-03
it is important to know our good and bad points because this knowledge will help us to improve.we should examine ourselves and learn who we are.above all,we should recognize our strengths and weaknesses.
Large Companies and Small Companies2013-06-03
Directions: Write a composition on the topic Large Companies and Small Companies in thirty minutes. You should write no less than 120 words and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below.
彩票的利弊(The Lottery Does More Harm than Good)2013-06-03
lottery, reflecting peoples dream of being rich overnight,is always a controversial subject. admittedly, it has made so great profits which our society may benefit from, but such profits could never compensate for the loss it costs.
我的房子(My Flat)2013-06-03
My fiat is made up of eight rooms: one hall, one bathroom, one kitchen, one dining room, one living room, two bedrooms and one toilet. The hall faces the front door. When you come into my flat, you will first see the hall.
Early rising is a good habit for everyone. It is good for us in many ways.
一件难忘的事情(An Unforgetful Thing)2013-06-01
How time flies!I'm fifteen years now.During the long time,there was one thing that I will never forget.