英语俗话:Zero hour 决定性时间2012-11-23
All the waiting is over--it's zero hour for the game we're all waiting for, the players are out on the court and the referee is ready to throw the ball up and start the game.
英语俗话:The eleventh hour 最终时间2012-11-22
I thought I had lost out because I didn't hear from the company after my interview. But at the eleventh hour, when I was packing to go back home, they called and said they wanted to hire me.
英语俗话:chicken feed很小数量的钱2012-11-22
I turned down the job at the hamburger restaurant. They only pay chicken feed--not even enough money to pay my rent.
英语俗话:sitting duck 简单受骗受害的人2012-11-21
Sure. My friend Joe is a sitting duck for any phony offer that promises to make him rich in a hurry. Anytime a fast-talking salesman comes along with a promise to make Joe a millionaire overnight, Joe will hand over his money. And, of course, he'll never see it again.
英语俗话:goose bumps鸡皮疙瘩2012-11-21
I know that most snakes are harmless, but I can't help it--every time I see a snake, even in a zoo, I get goose bumps all over!
英语俗话:Adam’s apple 喉结2012-11-20
I find that your Adam's apple isn't apparent. 我发现你的喉结不明显。
英语俗话:apple of love 爱情的信物2012-11-20
Hey, don't touch that bike. It's my apple of love.嗨,别动那辆自行车。它可是我的爱情信物。
英语俗话:To lose one’s shirt2012-11-19
Lose的意思当然便是丢掉,或许失掉什么东西。可是,to lose one's shirt 实际上并不是真的指丢了衬衫。它的切当意思是某个人失掉了他全部的全部。
英语俗话:fashion victim 时髦的牺牲品2012-11-19
A fashion victim is someone who always wears the most fashionable clothes, or follows the latest fads. 这些人总是跟随最新时髦潮流,但怎样就成了victim受害者呢?
英语俗话:pub crawl 喜爱泡吧的人2012-11-18
The tradition of pub crawl is to walk from pub to pub with designated tee shirts for the bartenders to sign to show they were there. A new trend in this social networking is where the pub crawlers have anyone they meet also sign their shirts, kind of like a myspace friends network with ink and cloth.
英语俗话:get out of my face滚开,立刻消失2012-11-18
Can you make your dog get out of my face? I'm trying to study and he's bothering me.你能不能让你的狗走开,它打扰我学习了.
咱们都知道rat是老鼠,race意为比赛,那么rat race岂不便是老鼠赛跑?幻想一下一群饿得发慌的老鼠看到好吃的就蜂拥而至、你抢我夺的姿态,是不是很好笑?
英语俗话:top brass 商业界的重要人物2012-11-17
See that guy selecting potato chips over there? Don't mistake him as an ordinary person like you and me. He's the top brass in our company, with the power to hire or fire anybody in the whole outfit.
英语俗话:top banana 公司的总裁2012-11-16
英语俗话:sweet talk 拍马屁2012-11-16
Sweet便是甜的;talk便是说话。Sweet talk里边的sweet这个字就现已把意思点出来了。Sweet talk听起来很顺耳,可是实际上是拍马,或过份的赞扬。Sweet talk能够作为名词,也能够作为动词。
英语俗话:fly-by-night 骗子组织2012-11-15
This new auto dealer opened up with promises to sell cars cheaper than anybody else. But his business turned out to be fly-by-night: he collected people's deposits on new cars and then disappeared with everybody's money.
英语俗话:bury the hatchet 宽和2012-11-15
Scince those two buried the hatchet, life in the office has been much quieter.
英语俗话:snowball 越滚越大2012-11-14
The latest polls show that public opinion is starting to snowball in favor of our opponent. We need to find some more good things to say about our candidate and find them quick.
Well, apparently Britain's biggest love-rat has 12 children with 12 different women, all of whom he has cheated on at least five times.
英语俗话:mug 受骗了的傻瓜2012-11-13
I feel like a right mug. Someone just came up to me and asked me if I could change £1 for two fifty pence pieces. They took the pound and ran off!
英语俗话:a chip off the old block 特随爸爸妈妈2012-11-13
You should know better than to walk alone at night.你该知道别晚上一个人走.
英语俗话:catch-22 进退维谷的2012-11-12
I have to go to graduate school to earn more money,but I need more money before I can go to
英语俗话:At one’s peak 极峰时间2012-11-12
A person at his/her peak has reached the highest level of his/her capability. An athlete may feel he /she at his/her peak at a certain time of the day or after a certain amount of exercise.
英语俗话:Get the boot 含蓄表达辞退或人2012-11-11
一日,Jenner 告诉我她在去打工的路上高跟鞋坏了,成果迟到了半小时,正碰上老板心境欠好,冲她斥道: If you're late again, you're getting the boot.所以,Jenner感到很是冤枉。可我对她老板说的话感到疑惑。
英语俗话:Dead meat 你有麻烦了2012-11-11
本来Dead meat是指You are in trouble。就像是中文里一方和另一方恶作剧后,另一方会说:好吧,这下你麻烦了,我要给你点色彩看看,和Dead meat的表层意思一点联络都没有!