大学生英语演讲稿 Welcome to Guangdong2014-12-26
i come from one of the most lovely and attractive areas of china, the pearl river delta of guangdong province and i'd love to say a few words about this area that is so dear to my heart.
good morning teachers and fellow students. today we would like to introduce a few favorite books to you.
This remarkable speech was delivered during an I am an American day meeting in New Yorks Central Park by Harold Ickes, President Franklin D. Roosevelts Secretary of the Interior. It came at a perilous moment in history, May of 1941, when Adolf Hitler and the Nazis seemed headed toward possible world domination.
The Doors that Are Open to Us2014-12-25
the other day my aunt paid me a visit. she was overjoyed. i got the highest mark in the mid-term examination! she said. dont be surprised! my aunt is indeed a student; to be exact, a college student at the age of 45.
a window is opened up at the crack of dawn, beside which one man is overlooking the the mess of buildings outside, breathing the fresh air cosily. but just after a little while, he steps to his seat, staring at the computer screen till the night. this man is very likely a programmer.
[名人演说]美丽心灵(A Beautiful Mind)2014-12-24
1994年度的诺贝尔经济学奖,授予美国普林斯顿大学数学系的纳什教授等三位对博弈论作出奠基性贡献的学者.好莱坞大制作《美丽心灵》A Beautiful Mind说的就是纳什的故事.
during the growing up of everyone,s life.family play an important part in shaping one,s character,it is really the first school ,it was here that we achieve moral edification from the deep love of our perants which is almost throughout our daliy life.
president clinton, senator clinton, president carter and mrs. carter, president bush and mother governor and mrs. huckabee, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen: laura and i are really pleased to be a part of this happy and historic occasion.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Id planned to speak to you tonight to report on the state of the Union, but the events of earlier today have led me to change those plans. Today is a day for mourning and remembering. Nancy and I are pained to the core by the tragedy of the shuttle Challenger. We know we share this pain with all of the people of our country. This is truly a national loss.
i am very glad to make a speech here in this class again! this time, i\'d like to talk something about english.
i think work together is better than work alone. there are many benefits of working together. firstly and obviously, working together can collect many useful and excellent ideas especially when we are thinking some complicated problems.
There are no secrets of success. Success is doing the things you know you should do. Success is not doing the things you know you should not do.
today i am very happy,because i can talk about with you.you see i am a lovely girl,yes!i like laughing,i like studying.that`s me-- zhuyingjie from badong shiyan primary school.i am eight.
as we all know, money can buy all the goods in our life, no matter how huge it is. a spaceship, for example, if you really feel your bank account can afford it.
we are going to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our motheland.being a student in china,i feel very happy and proud.with the teachers and parents help ,we make great progress every day.we are growing up together with our motherland.
小学生英语演讲比赛稿:Our School2014-12-21
good morning, my dear teachers and friends! my name is li bingke, from class four o five. today, i am very happy to be here. my topic is our school.
everyone is attracted by beauty and beauty is powerful. but what is true beauty? perhaps you can get the answer from the following story.
there is a beatiful country standing in the east of the world .she has red soil , big mountains,long rivers and hardworking people ,she is just like a diamond ,shinning all the time ,and she is my dearest country -------china !
march of the spring breeze brushed the winter cold, rains of the eight honors and eight shame singing.
first thing first, i gotta say,wow,it's funny thing to be given a chance like that.trurh be told,i really got a little bit nervous before i stand right here ,so called 'stage fright'.if you look specifically on me .you may find my hands shaking,pretty assembles the guy who suffered from pakinson's disease,and legs wobbling ,like i caught so-called ball leg.
hi, respect teachers dear classmates, hello. im very glad to stand here. first of all, i want to introduce myself. my name is...... , i come from zhoukou, a beautiful place.
英语演讲稿3分钟 关于天才2014-12-19
today, my speech is about talents,in my opionion, talents are indispensable in nowadays society. as is known to all that the fight among countries is actually the fight among talents.
as a correspondent of the qingdao morning news, i visited dr. james gilman, the president of the international committee for marco polo studies in england. in this picture, this is james, and this is me and we are looking at a dragon’s tooth. this is a true story.
through the mediums of television and the internet, i imagine that everyone here has at least a nodding acquaintance with far-off northeast gaomi township.
Someone said we are reading the first verse of the first chapter of a book, whose pages are infinite. I don’t know who wrote these words, but I’ve always liked them as a reminder that the future can be anything we want it to be. We are all in the position of the farmers.