When Ilus had first built his new seat,the city of Troy, he prayed Zeus to show some sign of blessing for it.
Ajax was a man of giant stature,daring but slow.When the Trojan War was about to break out he led his forces from Salamis to join the Greek army at Aulis.
亚当是圣经中人类的鼻祖,而苹果的前史比人类的前史还悠长。在国际各文明古国的民间故事和神话传说中,苹果都是受人喜欢的一种果实。英语中有个谚语:An apple a day keeps the doctor away.但据圣经故事上说,苹果也给人类带来了费事,男人的喉结便是因吃苹果引起的。
Son of Zeus and Hera,Ares was appointed god of war.Hewas terrible and majestic ,and his march shook the world.
Dionysus was the god of wine.He was the son of Zeus by Semele. When his mother was burnt to death in the glory of Zeus .
Between Macedon and Thessaly of eastern Greece there stood a high mountain.Its cloudy top rushed into the very heavens.
King Pandion of Athens had two daughters,Procne and Philomela.When Athens was threatened by the wild men,King Tereus of Thrace came to its help.
The Trojan Horse直译特洛伊木马,是个国际性成语,在国际各首要言语中都有。来自拉丁语equns Trojanus.这个成语乃至还进入到汉语词汇中。
Among the crowd of Olympian gods the one most widely admired was Apollo.He was the son of Zeus and Let to.
奥吉亚斯(Augeas)是古希腊西部厄利斯(Elis)的国王。他有一个极大的牛圈,里边养了2000头牛(一说3000匹马),30年来未清扫过,粪秽堆积如山,非常龌龊。因而,the Augean stable=very dirty place.
Prometheus was a Titan .In the war between Zeus the giants he had stood on the side of the new Olympiangods.Out of the clay he made the first man,to whom Athena gave soul and holy breath.
Science deals with things in a practical way. Science means honest, solid knowledge, allowing not an iota of falsehood, and it involves Herculean efforts and grueling toil.
希腊神话(5)Nereus and Proteus纳鲁斯和普鲁吐2012-12-01
Of all the small sea divinities Nereus and Proteus stood out as Peculiar sea-gods.Nereus,known as the Old Man of the sea,represented the pleasant aspect of ocean waters.
After the stealing of fire,Zeus became increasingly unkind to men.One day he ordered his son Hephaestus tobuild an image of a beautiful maiden out of clay.
Eros was the god of love,better known by hislatin name Cupid.Son of Aphrodite by Ares ,he took his place among the small gods of Olympus.
He cuba's life was one of grief and sorrow.She saw withher own eyes her eldest born Hector killed and insulted by Achilles.She saw her son Polites slain in front of her by Pyrrhus.And she saw her husband,the aged Priam,dragged towards the household altar and ruthlessly butchered there.
Far out in the sea there was an island,on the rocky edge of which lived three Sirens,the three sisters of magic song.Half human and half bird,the Siren sisters sat in a field of flowers,singing in voices that excited the hearts of men.
Among the pupils of the wise and just Centaur,there wasa boy named Jason.He was by birth a prince.His father Aeson was once king of Iolcus,but was overthrown by his own half brother Pelias.So he sent his baby son Jason to the Centaur for safekeeping.
Io was the daughter of a rivergod.She was loved,run after and won by Zeus.Hera became so greeneyed that she flew down from Olympus one day to pay her rival back .Zeus,however,had foreseen her arrival and changed Io into abeautiful white little cow.
Men grew hungry,impolite and ungodly.Neither rightn or law was respected any longer,and the rule of hospitality was forgotten.Dressed up in human form,Zeus visited Arcadia andThessaly,and disliked the deadly wrongs of men .He decidedto clear the earth of them all.
希腊神话:the Golden Touch 点金术2010-03-05
midas,son of the GREat goddess of ida,by a hero whosename is not remembered ,was a pleasureloving king of macedonian bromium,where he ruled over the brigians and planted his famous rose gardens.
希腊神话:Atlas And Perseus 阿特拉斯和珀尔修斯2010-03-05
after the killing of medusa,perseus,carrying her head with him,flew far and wide,over land and sea.as night came on,he reached the western limit of the earth ,where the sun goes down.here he would gladly have rested till morning.