《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊带你走进迈克尔·杰克逊(Michael Jackson)的精彩人生。看视频重温偶像的成长历程,代表作品有 《Beat It》《Billie Jean》《We Are the World》《You Are Not Alone》《Thriller》,边看边学片中的地道英语表达,逐步提升听力口语能力。

《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生108:无从选择2017-07-05
We would perform all night, tell you the truth, evety day.每天都要表演一整晚lts not a good feeling.lts a major part of you died with that.感觉很糟 自己的一大部份 跟着他一块走了
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生107:下一场演出2017-07-05
l was devastated. l started to cry.我难过极了 痛哭失声We had spent 40 years of our lives as the closest of friends.我们当了40年的好朋友
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生106:简直不敢相信2017-07-04
l heard that my brother had passed away through my sister Janet,我妹妹珍娜告知我说 我弟去世了
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生105:因心肌梗塞身亡2017-07-04
One ofthe people working for him said,他身边的一名工作人员说You wont ever guess what this man is doing to get to sleep.这人为了能睡觉什么都愿意做
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生104:去戒毒中心2017-07-03
Do l believe he was an addict? 我是否觉得他有毒瘾? No, l dont believe Michael Jackson was a drug addict.不 我不认为迈克尔·杰克逊是个毒虫
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生103:崇尚名与利2017-07-03
The wear and tear of all the managers,这么多的挫折 所有的经纪人all the promises that they didnt live up to,took its toll.他们没有兑现的承诺 都影响了他
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生102:太相信别人2017-07-02
Michael was an easy touch,and anybody could take advantage of him迈克尔人很好 随便什么人都能骗他just because he trusted everybodys word.因为他太相信别人
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生101:财迷心窍2017-07-02
l think he, kind of, like, isolated himself from everyone who would say no.他开始远离那些会对他说不的人Evetything he wants is, Yes. Okay, Michael.他只想要听到 是 好的 迈克尔
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生100:一切都是有代价的2017-07-01
To be a person that cannot be a part of the everyday life of this world,一个没有办法参与正常生活的人it could really be devastating on the mind.在精神上承受着很大的压力You cant get it all for free.一切都是有代价的
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生99:丧失私人空间2017-07-01
lts sad because l really feel that trial很可悲的是我觉得这场官司is what really depressed my brother out to the point where he just wasnt happy.才是真正让我弟弟沮丧到 失去了所有快乐的原因
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生98:太令人心寒2017-06-30
We, thejuty, in the above entitlled case, find the defendant not guilty of conspiracy,陪审团在此案中 对被告共谋控诉
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生97:音乐鬼才2017-06-30
One of the sheriffs came to me and said, Youve got the best seat in the house. 有名警员过来对我说 你的位子最好
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生90:一颗巨星坠毁2017-06-29
When we first started,一开始时Michael came in and he looked really robust and healthy.迈克尔总是精神奕奕的
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生86:绝对没有恋童癖2017-06-29
They were claiming that Michael organised a conspiracy to abduct children,他们指迈克尔组织成员绑架儿童to falsely imprison a family and to commit criminal extortion.并囚禁与勒索一家人
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生85:儿童性侵罪2017-06-28
Next thing you know, children protective services became involved,接下来牵扯到了儿童保护服务and different lawyers began asking questions,许多律师开始提出质问
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生84:迈克尔问心无愧2017-06-28
Michael immediately wanted to do something to help, to give this child hope,迈克尔立刻想要给这孩子一点希望and give him a reason to live.给他活下去的动力
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生83:可以上台表演2017-06-27
Hes an amazing man, that he could, on the pills that he took,他很厉害的是吃了药put on a performance.还可以上台表演
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生78:愿意为迈克尔付出一切2017-06-27
He was married to his career.他的老婆其实是工作And l dont think any woman could live with somebody我想没有一个女人知道这点后and find that they place second,and not first.能忍受自己位居第二 而不是第一
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生77:认真看待这场婚姻2017-06-26
We did a very long interview, in which he explained to me我们后来有了次很长的访谈that he really felt very strongly about Lisa Marie Presley,他向我解释他真的 很爱莉萨·玛莉·普莱斯里
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生76:嘲笑我的恋情2017-06-26
Michael told me about being on the set of a movie,迈克尔跟我讲过在电影片场and one of the leading ladies invited him to her room to watch a movie曾经有名女主角 邀他到她房里看电影
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生75:梦幻庄园2017-06-25
A lot ofpeople are vety confused on this.许多人对此都感到很困惑But l can sit here under oath or any other way you want it,但我可以坐在这发誓and lm a staunch Cathollic, lll swear on the Biblle,我是个虔诚的天主教徒 我以圣经发誓
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生72:感到羞辱的经历2017-06-25
When Michael gave his speech from Neverland,迈克尔在梦幻庄园开记者会时we watched it in the green room backstage at this TV show.我们在后台的绿屏室观看
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生71:遇人不淑2017-06-24
You can come in contact with the wrong people without knowing it不经意地遇人不淑or people that surround you, they can have a strong influence on you.这些人可能可以左右你的言行
《名人传记》之迈克尔·杰克逊 偶像的一生70:操控情势2017-06-24
l felt that somebody was trying to get something out of this我感觉有人想要从中得利or they were manipulating a situation.或是在操控情势Michael was a target.迈克尔成了个目标
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