该音频有LRC字幕 不列颠视角British Vision(144):经济衰退为奥斯卡盛典投下阴影2013-05-23
The Oscars may be the world's most famous film awards, but even THEY can't escape the recession. This year, even the freebies handed out to the stars make a nod towards the economic downturn, as Sky's Amanda Walker reports.
不列颠视角British Vision(143):金融危机对大学生的影响2013-05-22
Students are traditionally low on funds, but how will the recession affect their immediate futures? A report out last week suggests badly, with a fall in graduate vacancies. David Bowden meets the next generation reconsidering their career options.
不列颠视角British Vision(142):布朗是致使HBOS走向瓦解的罪魁祸首?2013-05-22
The reason that HBOS failed was not because of these specific allegations and the result of them, the reason it failed was because of its business model, its whole business model was wrong.
不列颠视角British Vision(141):Can China End The Credit Crunch2013-05-21
Could these women help save us all from the financial crisis? China has transformed itself from drab Communism to the world's third biggest economy with 1.3 billion consumers hungry for the decade of fruits of Capitalism. And they might be the ones who give the keys of life to the world's economy.
不列颠视角British Vision(140):Crunch Time For Football Finances2013-05-21
John Ryan proves a life time fascination with football. I have a passion for my hometown Dovaston. I said that I would do it when I was 20. So you know. That was a calling for me really. But if it was a business decision I would torture? you with batch poll.
不列颠视角British Vision(139):PM Plans To Create 100,000 Jobs2013-05-20
People don't want to start the New Year with the bang and Gordan Brown's big idea suddenly grabs the attention, creating new jobs at a time when many are losing theirs, all these are the begining of what looks like being one of the toughest period in modern British history.
不列颠视角British Vision(138):How to achieve New Year's resolutions2013-05-20
Right, get gym-tone body like David Beckham's, find love and stop listening to Chubble Wobble. Oh, sorry I was just refining my new year's resolutions, but the question is, is it really worth it? Because apparently only one in ten of us will ever stick to them. Surely, we can do better than that. Surely. Time to find out.
不列颠视角British Vision(137):英国女王的圣诞节祝辞稿2013-05-19
Christmas is a time for celebration. But this year it is a more sombre occasion for many. Some of those things which could once have been taken for granted suddenly seem less certain, and naturally give rise to feelings of insecurity. People are touched by events which have their roots far across the world. Whether it is the global economy or violence in a distant land, effects can be keenly felt at home.
不列颠视角British Vision(136):白宫174亿元急救汽车两巨头2013-05-19
Our economic advisors just believe such collapse would deal with the unacceptably painful blow to hard-working Americans far beyond the auto industry. It would worsen the weak job market and the disaster that made the financial crisis. It could send our suffering economy into a deeper and longer recession.
We're heading into the downturn, um, how is this affecting your group and the way it does business?
不列颠视角British Vision(134):本田宣布退出F12013-05-18
Well ,we told the staff that Honda were pulling out of Formula One last night. Obviously that was a huge shock to them. But this morning let’s give them a huge silly determination to succeed.
不列颠视角British Vision(133):英零售商对圣诞销货持乐观态度2013-05-17
With less than eight weeks to go until Christmas, retailers are expected to play on the festive theme to lure customers into their stores. In the current economic climate will shoppers be willing to part with their cash? Sky's Amanda Walker reports.
不列颠视角British Vision(132):英国经济时隔16年再陷衰退2013-05-17
For the first time in 16 years, Britain's economy is heading for a recession. All on the day that the FTSE has fallen again, the DOW has plunged and the pound suffered its worst drop against the dollar since Black Wednesday. Sky's Michael Wilson reports.
不列颠视角British Vision(131):英拟收紧移民政策2013-05-16
It's time to get tough on people trying to get into the country - that's according to the new immigration minister. Phil Woolas is calling for a cut in the number of migrants allowed into the UK, as Sky's David Bowden reports.
不列颠视角British Vision(130):布朗誓言起诉冰岛政府2013-05-16
A diplomatic row between the UK and Iceland has erupted with PM Brown demanding the return of billions of pounds of British investments. He has threatened to seize assets and take legal action against the Icelandic government. Sky's Glen Oglaza reports.
不列颠视角British Vision(129):Economic Downturn Hits Charities2013-05-15
Just about every sector of the economy and every household has been hit by the global economic downturn. But spare a thought for those who rely on charity to get by. The squeeze has spelt disaster for them too. Sara Merchant has more.
不列颠视角British Vision(128):Analysts see big euro rate cuts?2013-05-15
Eurozone inflation plunges and unemployment rises, sparking speculation of a 50 basis point cut from the ECB next week.
不列颠视角British Vision(127):英房贷巨头国有化2013-05-14
Bradford and Bingley is to be nationalised and an announcement will be made before the markets open, Sky News has learned. Savers have been told their money is safe - but what about staff, shareholders and taxpayers? Joel Hills reports.
不列颠视角British Vision(126):中国奶粉事件2013-05-14
Chinese officials have ordered widespread checks on dairy products and a recall of tainted items after thousands of babies became ill. Liz Kennedy reports.
不列颠视角British Vision(125):麦凯恩奥巴马同悼911遇难者2013-05-13
America's presidential rivals put aside their differences to mark the seventh anniversary of the September 11 attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people. Barack Obama and John McCain each laid a flower at Ground Zero in New York. Robert Nisbet reports.
不列颠视角British Vision(124):音乐与性格2013-05-13
If you thought heavy metal fans were aggressive and blues fans were depressive -you couldn't be more wrong. A survey has found that our taste in music is a direct reflection on our personalities -with suprising results. Sky's Orla Chennaoui reports.
不列颠视角British Vision(123):英国经济遇六十年低迷期2013-05-12
Alistair Darling has warned that Britain's economic downturn will be the worst in 60 years.
不列颠视角British Vision(122):希腊奥运后话2013-05-12
National pride, budding sports stars and fantastic facilities -we hear about the 'legacy' the Olympic Games will leave behind in London -but at what cost? Athens hosted the 2004 games, but the 'legacy' has left people angry. Sky's Greg Milam reports.
不列颠视角British Vision(121):希拉里同意出任国务卿2013-05-11
Hillary Clinton has decided to take up the offer of joining Barack Obama's cabinet as Secretary of State, according to her associates.
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