商贸英语实用对话 Unit16:At the Airport2010-07-06
商贸英语实用对话 Unit16:At the Airport
商贸英语实用对话 Unit15:On the Telephone2010-07-06
商贸英语实用对话 Unit15:On the Telephone
商贸英语实用对话 Unit14:Business at the Office2010-07-05
商贸英语实用对话 Unit14:Business at the Office
商贸英语实用对话 Unit13:Claims and Complaints2010-07-05
商贸英语实用对话 Unit13:Claims and Complaints
商贸英语实用对话 Unit12:Advertising2010-07-04
How do you do, Mr. Lin. It's a pleasure to work with you on introducing your delicious product to Americans.
商贸英语实用对话 Unit11:Line of Credit2010-07-04
Thank you for meeting with me this morning. We've been getting together quite often lately. My company is very pleased with the deal I've been able to negotiate.
商贸英语实用对话 Unit10:Packing and Shipping2010-07-03
商贸英语实用对话 Unit10:Packing and Shipping
商贸英语实用对话 Unit9:Insurance2010-07-03
商贸英语实用对话 Unit9:Insurance
商贸英语实用对话 Unit8:Purchasing2010-07-02
That depends on many things. For example, how much use the copier gets. These machines have a record of going without repair longer than any copy machines in their price range.
商贸英语实用对话 Unit7:Salesmanship2010-07-02
I happen to be especially proud of that feature of our gowns. Our fabric has more elasticity than others, so our gowns resist tearing and maintain their shape.
商贸英语实用对话 Unit6:Agency Business2010-07-01
A Taiwanese exporter of sporting goods talks with an English distributor about the possibility of becoming a commissioned agent.
商贸英语实用对话 Unit5:Price Negotiation2010-07-01
I'm interested in your portable electric heater. But I'd like more information before placing an order.
商贸英语实用对话 Unit4:Prices and Payment2010-06-30
Thank you. I'm quite certain that we can satisfy your customers. We've had great success in exporting our products to America, for example.
商贸英语实用对话 Unit3:At the Factory2010-06-30
Our small size makes us very flexible. As you know, the bicycle business is very much influenced by trends and fashion. Styles change from year to year. Because we're small, we can respond to changes quickly.
商贸英语实用对话 Unit2:At the Showroom2010-06-29
商贸英语实用对话 Unit2:At the Showroom
商贸英语实用对话 Unit1:At the Trade Show2010-06-29
商贸英语实用对话 Unit1:At the Trade Show