Amanda: Well actually, something came up. I don't think I can make the party.
Example sentence: She went out with Mark for 18 months before he asked her to marry him.
Meaning: If you get back to someone, it means that you contact someone to continue an earlier conversation, or reply to a message, question or invitation. You can get back to someone face to face, by text, phone or email.
If you re-start a romantic relationship that you had previously decided to end because of a problem in the relationship, you take somebody back.
Meaning: to stop hoping that someone or something will change or improve 对...不再抱期望,不再信任,抛弃
If you face up to something, you accept the existence of a difficult situation.
If you hang up, you end a telephone call by breaking the connection between yourself and the person you are speaking to.
The simple plan evolved into a complicated scheme.
英语兴趣迷你剧第6集:Fred's Story2010-03-10
Meaning: if you look after something or someone, you take care of them and make sure they have what they need.
英语兴趣迷你剧第4期:Who's the Liar?2010-03-10
This phrasal verb must have an object. The object can go between the verb and particle, or after the particle. If you want to use a pronoun, it must go between the verb and particle.
英语兴趣迷你剧第3期:Not Guilty!2010-03-09
Betty: I know all about your other lady Fred! Your friend Martin told on you!
英语兴趣迷你剧第2期:Not Guilty!2010-03-09
if you cheat on somebody, (your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend) you secretly have a sexual or romantic relationship with someone else.
英语兴趣迷你剧第1期:find out about2010-03-09
if you find out about something, you discover a fact or information that you did not know before, often because someone was keeping it secret.