《国家地理频道:北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild(MP3+中英字幕)》是品牌英语听力下面的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕LRC文件以及地道的英语音频MP3文件。讲述了北欧的自然风情。北欧五国绵延四百万平方公里,是世界上人口密度最低的地区之一。本系列一连四集以高清画面,记录此地丰富的野生生物与令人屏息的美景。本栏目英语发音纯正,非常适合练习英语听力,矫正英语发音,是提高英语水平的好材料。

北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第70期:茂盛的牧场2018-10-02
In the nearby foothills, other creatures celebrate surviving the odds.不远处的山脚下另一种生物在庆祝自己幸免于难.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第69期:大天鹅2018-10-02
The huge variation in temperature between winter and summer presents a challenge to almost all life here.冬夏气温的巨大变化对这里几乎所有的生命都是挑战.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第68期:苔原2018-10-01
Near the mainland forests, temperatures are on the rise.大陆的森林周围,气温在升高.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第67期:幼崽2018-10-01
With spring temperatures reaching 10 degrees Celsius, its time for the male fox to think again about family matters.春季气温升至摄氏十度,雄狐又开始考虑家庭要事了.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第66期:冰盖融化2018-09-30
These floating megaliths drift sometimes for months before they slowly melt away.这些飘流的巨物有时需要数月之久才能慢慢消融.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第65期:冰原碎裂2018-09-30
Greenland is not only the worlds largest island, its also one of the least hospitable.格陵兰不仅是世界上最大的岛也是最荒凉的地方之一.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第64期:厚厚的火山2018-09-29
The survival of these birds may depend on their ability to adapt to their changing world.这些鸟的生存需要依赖自身的能力能否适应经常变化的环境.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第63期:半水栖动物2018-09-29
Nearby, flowing water is a life line for semi-aquatic animals.附近,流水是半水栖动物的生命线.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第62期:候鸟2018-09-28
In more southernly regions, snow and ice slowly surrender to the strengthening March sun.在比较偏南的地区冰雪慢慢地屈服于越来越强的三月阳光.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第61期:狼獾2018-09-28
Despite its name, the wolverine is more closely related to the weasel than the wolf.尽管名字中有狼字,但狼獾和狼并无亲缘关系反而和鼬是近亲.And while they have the benign, almost cuddly appearance, this is a ruthlessly effective predator.虽然其外表和蔼可亲实则是冷酷无情的掠食高手.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第60期:旅鼠2018-09-27
For many predators, small mammals like lemmings are important food source.像旅鼠之类的小型哺乳动物是很多掠食者重要的食物来源.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第59期:斯堪的纳维亚2018-09-27
Persistence finally pays off.坚持就是胜利.But Scandinavia is anything but predictable and the foxes may soon face a far greater challenge - the landscape itself.但是斯堪的纳维亚就是捉摸不定的,北极狐们可能很快就要面对大得多的挑战即地貌本身.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第58期:海豹2018-09-26
To some Arctic peoples, these northern lights are the spirits of dead seals, whales and caribou.对北极的一些人来说,这些北极光是死了的海豹、鲸鱼和驯鹿的灵魂.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第57期:格陵兰岛2018-09-26
500 kilometers west, lands formed hundreds of millions of years ago are home to creatures little changed since prehistoric times.此地以西五百公里数亿年前形成的陆地上,生活着一种从史前时代就几无变化的生物.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第56期:北极狐2018-09-25
A young predator braves the bitter January winds.年轻的掠食者勇敢地面对一月里凛冽的寒风.The Arctic fox is about the same size as a large domestic cat, but its thick coat makes it look much bigger.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第55期:冰火交融2018-09-25
A land of extremes where fire and ice clash.一处极端之地冰火交融.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第54期:环斑海豹2018-09-24
It uses acute hearing and keen sense of smell to pinpoint its prey.它利用灵敏的听觉和嗅觉找到猎物.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第53期:冰雪包围2018-09-24
The predators of the north must seize every opportunity at this time of year.在这个时节北方的掠食者必须抓住任何机会.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第52期:灰海豹2018-09-23
Sunkissed beaches are ice blasted and exposed right through winter.有阳光照射的沙滩则被冰覆没直接遭受冬天的摧残.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第51期:夜幕降临2018-09-23
The brown bear will remain, but hell hibernate, opting out by sleeping in.棕熊会留下来,不过它要冬眠躲起来进洞睡觉.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第50期:丹麦椋鸟2018-09-22
All along the coasts of Scandinavia, the winds are growing cooler and stronger exerting their pull on the land, altering its very shape.斯堪的纳维亚海岸全线风越来越凉、越来越强无情地撕扯着大地改变着其本来面貌.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第49期:鼯鼠2018-09-22
Both Osprey and squirrel are entering an unknown world.无论是鱼鹰还是鼯鼠,都将步入一个未知的世界.
北欧野生风情录Nordic Wild 第48期:三趾鸥2018-09-20
Summer has reached its peak.夏天已到高峰阶段.And for Scandinavias migrant visitors, time is running out.而对斯堪的纳维亚迁徙的来访者来说时间已经不多了.
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