《Using English at Work》收录了地道的英语音频以及LRC字幕文件,是边听边学英语,堆集英语词汇,把握商务英语常识的经典教材。本栏目介绍了如安在商务场合运用正确的适宜的英语词汇以及白话表达,是进步商务英语外交才能的好帮手。

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Using English at Work 第58期:Socializing with Coworkers(06)2018-10-11
We all had a great time at happy hour and it was a good way to kick off the weekend. To kick off means to start something with some action or event.
Using English at Work 第57期:Socializing with Coworkers(05)2018-10-11
Its never a good idea to bad-mouth someone, because that other person may hear you, or people that you are talking to might tell that person - especially if that person is your boss!
Using English at Work 第56期:Socializing with Coworkers(04)2018-10-10
When I get to my new apartment, then I would unload, or take those things out of my car and put them in the apartment. In this lesson, Im loading up by putting a lot of food on my plate.
Using English at Work 第55期:Socializing with Coworkers(03)2018-10-10
When we say we have big plans, we are talking about something that would be exciting or interesting to do. You may have big plans for your career or you can have big plans for building a new house - something big and exciting.
Using English at Work 第54期:Socializing with Coworkers(02)2018-10-09
A happy hour is a short period of time, usually one, two, perhaps three hours in the late afternoon and weekdays when many bars have drinks and food that costs less than usual.
Using English at Work 第53期:Socializing with Coworkers(01)2018-10-09
He stops me and asks if I want to go with them to happy hour at the restaurant and bar down the street. It has been a busy week and I need to blow off some steam.
Using English at Work 第52期:Leaving Work(06)2018-10-08
Now that weve talked about the new vocabulary, lets listen to the story again, this time at a normal speed. I look at the clock and its already 5:30. Its quitting time!
Using English at Work 第51期:Leaving Work(05)2018-10-08
This happens to me when I go to a hotel; I always forget something because I dont look around to make sure I havent left anything behind.
Using English at Work 第50期:Leaving Work(04)2018-10-07
An outbox is a small rectangular container made of metal, plastic, or perhaps wood that sits on the top of your desk and holds papers that need to be given to other people.
Using English at Work 第49期:Leaving Work(03)2018-10-07
When I pack up my briefcase, I am putting papers and other things into this small container -this case that I can use to carry things to and from work.
Using English at Work 第48期:Leaving Work(02)2018-10-06
I dont like taking work home, but sometimes its necessary if I want to finish a project on time.When I take work home, I have to burn the midnight oil.
Using English at Work 第47期:Leaving Work(01)2018-10-06
When our story begins, I look at the clock and I see that its already 5:30. Its quitting time! Quitting time is the end of the workday, the time when people are supposed to leave the office and go home.
Using English at Work 第46期:Meeting with the Boss(07)2018-10-05
Before leaving work for the day, I want to stop by my bosss office to give him an update on my progress.I know hes expecting the report on Monday and I want to let him know that it will be finished on schedule.
Using English at Work 第45期:Meeting with the Boss(06)2018-10-05
You can literally - actually - go up to someone and pat them on the back; thats a way of congratulating or thanking them, but the expression is just used to mean you are getting praise, you are getting appreciation.
Using English at Work 第45期:Meeting with the Boss(05)2018-10-04
First, to keep your head down means to concentrate on what you are doing, not saying or doing things that will draw attention from other people or create problems.
Using English at Work 第44期:Meeting with the Boss(04)2018-10-04
Many people get a small,2 to 3% raise at the end of the year to cover the high cost of living; but they can also get larger raises, maybe 5 or 10%, for doing their jobs very well.
Using English at Work 第43期:Meeting with the Boss(03)2018-10-03
For example, if a company sold products to all 50 states in the United States, there might be different regional managers: one for the western region, one for the southern region, and so forth. My boss says that the regional manager is impressed with my work.
Using English at Work 第42期:Meeting with the Boss(02)2018-10-03
I go to my bosss office to give him an update on my progress, meaning that I want to tell him the latest news about how the report is coming along - how it is developing, how it is going.
Using English at Work 第41期:Meeting with the Boss(01)2018-10-02
Before leaving work for the day, I want to stop by my bosss office to give him an update on my progress. I know hes expecting the report on Monday and I want to let him know that it will be finished on schedule.
Using English at Work 第40期:Scheduling a Meeting(06)2018-10-02
When I get back to my desk, I retrieve the message and listen to it, and then return her call.I call her twice, but she isnt there, so I leave a voicemail message for her. Were playing phone tag.
Using English at Work 第40期:Scheduling a Meeting(05)2018-10-01
To confirm means to verify something, or to say that something is correct or true based on the information that you have. We often confirm appointments to make sure that the people were supposed to have a meeting with still have time to meet with us.
Using English at Work 第39期:Scheduling a Meeting(04)2018-10-01
But if I tell my friend that Im free on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday afternoon, then youre saying that you have time to meet during those particular days. So free is the opposite of being tied up.
Using English at Work 第38期:Scheduling a Meeting(03)2018-09-30
You say, Youre it! and then that child has to run and touch someone else, and that person becomes it, and you dont want to be it. I dont know why we say it, but thats the word we use.
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