BEC职场必胜口语教程:Office Coffee and Snacks 办公室里的咖啡和点心2013-04-26
Michael: Hey Billy. Do you have any sugar left? Billy: No. I ran out yesterday. Do you have any cream...
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Lunch with Work Colleagues 和同事一起共进午餐2013-04-26
Michael: I feel famished - let's head to Mickey D's for some lunch. Billy: I'm starved too, but I don...
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Weekend away with Colleagues 与同事周末去玩2013-04-25
Steve: I am so tired of the city life. Mike: Do you mean all the long hours at work as well as the no...
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Managing Conflict 解决冲突2013-04-25
Steve: Hi Mike. Have you met the new hire in the Business Development Department? Mike. No, I haven't...
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Mail-room 邮件中心2013-04-24
Steve: Mike, do you need anything from the basement? Mike. I have been with this company for almost s...
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Sales and Marketing 销售与市场营销2013-04-24
Steve: I think I need some career guidance Mike.Mike: Why do you say that?Steve: Im getting bored with my current position.Mike: Have you thought about a new direction for your career?
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Sponsorships 赞助2013-04-23
Steve: That is the jazziest t-shirt I have ever seen Mike.Mike: Thanks Steve. Its brand spanking new.Steve: Where did you get it?Mike: Fiona from the marketing department gave it to me yesterday.
BEC职场必胜口语教程: Relocation 公司迁址2013-04-23
Steve: Good morning Mike.Mike: Good morning to you Steve. You seem like you are in a good mood today.Steve: I sure am. I will be out of the office all day today.Mike: Why? Where are you going?
BEC职场必胜口语教程: Company Property 公司财产2013-04-22
Steve: Hi Mike! How was your day today?Mike: Pretty good but Im finished, so its time for me to split.Steve: Your bag looks loaded today.Mike: Yeah. I needed some paper and pens at home, so I just grabbed them from the stationery cupboard.
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Sales Department 销售部2013-04-22
Steve: Nice suit Mike - you look very sharp today.Mike: Thanks for the compliment. I have an interview for an internal promotion today.Steve: Which department will interview you - Human Resources?
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Profit & Loss 赢利和亏损2013-04-21
Mike: Thats easy - a good coffee machine and mufti Fridays.Steve: I cannot believe how wrong you are there my friend. The most important thing is profit. Without profit, the company will eventually close.
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Mistakes 犯错2013-04-21
Steve: Hi Mike. Youre in the office bright and early today.Mike: I know. I was so strung-out last night that I could not sleep.Steve: Thats tragic buddy. What is making you feel so nervous?Mike: I am too ashamed to tell anyone. Just leave me alone.
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Finance Department 财务部2013-04-20
Steve: Mike, do you have any accounting skills?Mike: Well, I can count from one to 10 if thats what you mean.Steve: Mike, why are you always such a gonzo?Mike : Well, I answered your question, didnt I?
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Teamwork 团队合作2013-04-20
Steve: Mike! You are just the person I wanted to see.Mike : Whats up, Steve?Steve: I was hoping that you could lend me a hand for a while.Mike : A hand? Why do you want my hand?Steve: I dont want your hand! I want you to help me.
BEC职场必胜口语教程:How To Make a Speech 怎样做好演讲2013-04-19
Steve: Where are you lugging all of those books, Mike?Mike : Back to my cubicle. Im doing some research for a speech that I have to give.Steve: Better you than me, good buddy. I hate making speeches.Mike : Same here. The boss has asked me to do it and I cant find a way to refuse!
BEC职场必胜口语教程:New Technology 新技术2013-04-19
Steve: Sorry Mike, I have to run.Mike : Why all the hustle Steve?Steve: I just got an urgent email that I have to deal with ASAP.Mike : Hang on one moment! I dont see your computer. How can you get email?
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Be Punctual 准时2013-04-18
Steve: Youre late again, Mike. You have been late three times this month.Mike : Im really sorry, Steve. The traffic has been bad lately.Steve: Do you catch a taxi to work every day?Mike : Yep. When the traffic is OK, it only takes 20 minutes but when there are traffic jams, it can take 40 or even 50 minutes.
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Occupational Health and Saftey 职业健康和安全2013-04-18
Steve: You havent moved from your desk for about five hours Mike.Mike: Tell me about it! I have two submissions due by 4PM today and I am way behind.Steve: I know that the reports are vital, but so is your health.
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Business Plan 商业方案2013-04-17
Steve: Mike, what do you know about writing a business plan?Mike: Plenty. What type of plan are you writing?Steve: Well, I have this great new idea that I think will make a motza.Mike: Want to let me in on the secret?
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Sign a contract 劳务合同2013-04-17
Steve: Whats new Mike?Mike : Nothing really. Work is really getting me down though.Steve: Cheer up buddy. It couldnt be that bad.Mike : It is. I have my annual performance review coming up this week.
BEC职场必胜口语教程:电话留言机和电话卡 Voice Mail and Calling Cards2013-04-16
Michael: Why the long face?Billy: I feel stupid.Michael: Why do you say that?Billy: My office just installed voice mail, but I dont know how to use it.Michael: Isnt voice mail just like an answering machine?
Michael: Hello sir, how can I help you?Billy: You are a model employee.Michael: Thanks for the compliment sir, but I still have a lot to learn.Billy: I need you to talk to Mr. Ed. He is a slacker.
BEC职场必胜口语教程:Computer 公司电脑2013-04-15
Eric: Good morning Sabrina. How are you today?Sabrina: Im fine but my computer is on the fritz again.Eric: Oh - I thought that the help desk had fixed that yesterday?Sabrina: Yeah so did I. They told me that it was fixed but now it has a new bug.
BEC职场必胜口语教程:电脑虫和电脑迷 Nerds and Geeks2013-04-15
Michael: Do you consider yourself a geek or a computer nerd?Billy: I am a bit of a computer nerd. How about you?Michael: I am neither. I am just a technician. I work more with hardware.Billy: Us nerds work more with software. However, I am not so sure about the complete difference between geek and nerd.
Brian: Hi John. How are things with you?John : Fine Brian. Thanks for asking.Brian: Is that a new shirt youre wearing?John : Sure is. I had to negotiate with the seller for a long time to get the price I wanted.
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