《二册实践与进步 初级班》构建英语的基石(Practice and Progress)在掌握一册语法知识的基础上,由浅入深、逐步讲解语法要点,使你轻松掌握枯燥的语法;通过对句型想方设法的分析及对词汇、短语的讲解,使你在听、说、读中能真正运用地道的句型。掌握后,可以参加高考一类考试。

新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第96课:The dead return亡灵返乡2011-02-25
A Festival for the Dead is held once a year in Japan. This festival is a cheerful occasion, for on this day, the dead are said to return to their homes and they are welcomed by the living. As they are expected to be hungry after their long journey, food is laid out for them. Specially-made lanterns are hung outside each house to help the dead to find their way.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第95课:A fantasy纯属虚构2011-02-25
When the Ambassador or Escalopia returned home for lunch, his wife got a shock. He looked pale and his clothes were in a frightful state.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第94课:Future champions未来的冠军2011-02-24
Experiments have proved that children can be instructed in swimming at a very early age. At a special swimming pool in Los Angeles, children become expert at holding their breath under water even before they can walk.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第93课:A noble gift 崇高的礼物2011-02-24
One of the most famous monuments in the world, the Statue of Liberty, was presented to the United States of America in the nineteenth century by the people of France. The great statue, which was designed by the sculptor Auguste Bartholdi, took ten years to complete. The actual figure was made of copper supported by a metal framework which had been especially constructed by Eiffel. Before it could be transported to the United States, a site had to be found for it and a pedestal had to be built.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第92课:Asking for trouble自找麻烦2011-02-23
It must have been about two in the morning when I returned home. I tried to wake up my wife by ringing the doorbell, but she was fast asleep, so I got a ladder from the shed in the garden, put it against the wall, and began climbing towards the bedroom window.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第91课:Three men in a basket三人同篮2011-02-23
A pilot noticed a balloon which seemed to be making for a Royal Air Force Station nearby. He informed the station at once, but no one there was able to explain the mystery. The officer in the control tower was very angry when he heard the news, because balloons can be a great danger to aircraft.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第90课:What's for supper?晚餐吃什么?2011-02-22
Fish and chips has always been a favourite dish in Britain, but as the oceans have been overfished, fish has become more and more expensive. So it comes as a surprise to learn that giant fish are terrifying the divers on North Sea oil rigs. Oil rigs have to be repaired frequently and divers, who often have to work in darkness a hundred feet under water, have been frightened out of their wits by giant fish bumping into them as they work.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第89课:A slip of the tongue 口误2011-02-22
People will do anything to see a free show -- even if it is a bad one. When the news got round that a comedy show would be presented at our local cinema by the P. and U. Bird Seed Company, we all rushed to see it. We had to queue for hours to get in and there must have been several hundred people present just before the show began.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第87课:A perfect alibi极好的不在犯罪现场的证据2011-02-21
At the time the murder was committed, I was travelling on the 8 o'clock train to London, said the man.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第88课:Trapped in a mine困在矿井里2011-02-21
Six men have been trapped in a mine for seventeen hours. If they are not brought to the surface soon they may lose their lives. However, rescue operations are proving difficult. If explosives are used, vibrations will cause the roof of the mine to collapse.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第85课:Never too old to learn活到老学到老2011-02-20
I have just received a letter from my old school, informing me that my former headmaster, Mr. Stuart Page, will be retiring next week. Pupils of the school, old and new, will be sending him a present to mark the occasion.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第86课:Out of control失控2011-02-20
As the man tried to swing the speedboat round, the steering wheel came away in his hands. He waved desperately to his companion, who had been water skiing for the last fifteen minutes. Both men had hardly had time to realize what was happening when they were thrown violently into the sea.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第84课:On strike罢工2011-02-19
Busmen have decided to go on strike next week. The strike is due to begin on Tuesday. No one knows how long it will last. The busmen have stated that the strike will continue until general agreement is reached about pay and working conditions.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第83课:After the elections大选之后2011-02-19
The former Prime Minister, Mr. Wentworth Lane, was defeated in the recent elections. He is now retiring from political life and has gone abroad. My friend, Patrick, has always been a fanatical opponent of Mr. Lane's Radical Progressive Party.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第82课:Monster or fish?是妖还是鱼?2011-02-18
Fishermen and sailors sometimes claim to have seen monsters in the sea. Though people have often laughed at stories told by seamen, it is now known that many of these 'monsters' which have at times been sighted are simply strange fish. Occasionally, unusual creatures are washed to the shore, but they are rarely caught out at sea.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第81课:Escape脱逃2011-02-18
When he had killed the guard, the prisoner of war quickly dragged him into the bushes. Working rapidly in the darkness, he soon changed into the dead man's clothes. Now, dressed in a blue uniform and with a rifle over his shoulder, the prisoner marched boldly up and down in front of the camp.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第79课:By air乘飞机2011-02-17
I used to travel by air a great deal when I was a boy. My parents used to live in South America and I used to fly there from Europe in the holidays. A flight attendant would take charge of me and I never had an unpleasant experience. I am used to traveling by air and only on one occasion have I ever felt frightened.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第80课:The Crystal Palace水晶宫2011-02-17
Perhaps the most extraordinary building of the nineteeth century was the Crystal Palace, which was built in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition of 1851. The Crystal Palace was different from all other buildings in the world, for it was made of iron and glass. It was one of the biggest buildings of all time and a lot of people from many countries came to see it.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第78课:The last one最后一枝吗2011-02-16
After reading an article entitled 'Cigarette Smoking and Your Health' I lit a cigarette to calm my nerves. I smoked with concentration and pleasure as I was sure that this would be my last cigarette. For a whole week I did not smoke at all and during this time, my wife suffered terribly.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第77课:A successful operation一例成功的手术2011-02-16
The mummy of an Egyptian woman who died in 800 B.C. has just had an operation. The mummy is that of Shepenmut who was once a singer in the Temple of Thebes. As there were strange marks on the X-ray plates taken of the mummy, doctors have been trying to find out whether the woman died of a rare disease.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第75课:SOS 呼救信号2011-02-15
When a light passenger plane flew off course some time ago, it crashed in the mountains and its pilot was killed. The only passengers, a young woman and her two baby daughters, were unhurt. It was the middle of winter. Snow lay thick on the ground. The woman knew that the nearest village was miles away.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第74课:Out of the limelight舞台之外2011-02-15
An ancient bus stopped by a dry river bed and a party of famous actors and actresses got off. Dressed in dark glasses and old clothes, they had taken special precautions so that no one should recognize them. But as they soon discovered, disguises can sometimes be too perfect.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第73课:The record-holder纪录保持者2011-02-14
Children who play truant from school are unimaginative. A quiet day's fishing, or eight hours in a cinema seeing the same film over and over again, is usually as far as they get. They have all been put to shame by a boy who, while playing truant, travelled 1,600 miles.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第72课:A car called bluebird“蓝鸟”汽车2011-02-14
The great racing driver, Sir Malcolm Campbell, was the first man to drive at over 300 miles per hour. He set up a new world record in September 1935 at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. Bluebird, the car he was driving, had been specially built for him.
新概念英语第二册视频讲解 第71课:A famous clock一个著名的大钟2011-02-13
When you visit London, one of the first things you will see is Big Ben, the famous clock which can be heard all over the world on the B.B.C. If the Houses of Parliament had not been burned down in 1834, the great clock would never have been erected.
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