A Holiday from School


Tommy hated school and was always looking for excuses not to go.

If he sneezed, he asked his mother to write a note saying he had a cold.

If he had a headache, he asked his mother to take him to the doctor during school hours.

He spent more time at home than he did at school.

On the days that he did go to school, he looked for excuses to come home early.

One morning he came home when the lessons were only half finished.

His father was surprised.

"You've come home early," he said. "Is the school closed today?""No, Dad, " Tommy said - "It's open. I came home early.

"How did you do that?" his father asked him. "What did you say to the teacher?""I told her that I had a new baby brother and that I had to come home and help you . ""But your mother has had twins," his father said, "a boy and a girl. You've got a baby brother and a baby sister.""Yes, I know, Dad, " Tommy said. "I'm saving up my baby sister for next week "Notes:

(1) sneeze v.打喷嚏(2) twins n.双胞胎(3) save up藏着Exercises:


①Tommy tried to find excuses for not going to school because _____.

A. it made him sneezeB. it gave him a headacheC. he was too busyD. he didn't like it② Tommy spent most of his time_____ .

A. at schoolB. at homeC. at the doctorD. in bed③ When he did go to school, he_____ .

A. was always lateB. tried to leave earlyC. was often in troubleD. was always sick④ He did not tell his teacher about the twins because_____ .

A. they were very youngB. he didn't know about themC. he wanted to keep one of them for another excuseD. they were too new⑤ We can tell for sure that it is _____that is looking after the twins.

A. the motherB. TommyC. the fatherD. the teacher















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