新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit17 Test012013-06-16
W: Cathy has the habit of keeping us waiting for over 30 minutes. Maybe either you or I should give her a ring before each meeting. M: Thats really a nuisance, but Ill do it if you want. Q: What will the man probably do?
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit18 Test022013-06-16
Catherine's mother was an energetic woman full of life and love before she got cancer. It pained Catherine to see her mother suffer and become someone who depends entirely on others. Catherine tried hard to find a way to give her mother something to look forward to.
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit16 Dealing with the Crisis2013-06-15
What? Again! exclaimed Helen. Its not fair. You had to work late last week -- and the week before. Surely someone else can do it for a change?
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit15 WOMEN2013-06-15
Most women in France work. Their average salary is about 75% that of their male co-workers, even though laws passed in 1972 require 'professional equality' between the sexes.
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit14 Genetic Engineering2013-06-14
Technology is not only used to build spaceships and high-speed computers. It is also being used to create new plants and animals. This technology is known as genetic engineering. At the moment people all over the world are arguing about its benefits and drawbacks.
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit13 INVENTIONS2013-06-14
In the 20th century there were two main theories to explain the origin of the universe, the big bang theory and the steady state theory. The former stated that the universe began in a massive explosion at a single point in space about 15 billion years ago. According to the latter, however, there was no big bang.
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit12 BIODIVERSITY2013-06-13
Asfirework displays ushered in the euro from Paris to Athens, Rome to Madrid,curiosity drove Europeans to cash machines at midnight December 31, 2001 forthe first look at the brightly colored new notes. More than 300 millionEuropeans began changing their old currencies for the euro in the mostambitious currency changeover in history.
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit11 LEFT-HANDEDNESS2013-06-13
In thegolden fields of Kansas, Britain's biggest cinema success is under production.There are no stars, no special effects, no publicity. And it is still a certainwinner, guaranteed to make more money than all but the biggest hit movies. Thecoming attraction is popcorn.
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit10 THE CINEMA2013-06-11
In the golden fields of Kansas, Britain's biggest cinema success is under production. There are no stars, no special effects, no publicity. And it is still a certain winner, guaranteed to make more money than all but the biggest hit movies. The coming attraction is popcorn.
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit9 THE SINGLE CURRENCY2013-06-11
Kenneth: Hello, my name is Kenneth Johnson. I have an appointment with Mr. Andrew Song. Laura: Oh hello, Mr. Johnson, Im Laura Lee. Weve spoken on the phone a couple of times. Nice to meet you.
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit4 MARRIAGE2013-06-11
Sam: Yeah,Ive done everything from patrol to undercover work to detective work, and nowIm supervising investigations. Interviewer: Sam, I think most people would say that being a police officer is a verystressful job. Would you agree?
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit3 COURAGE2013-06-11
(Tom andLinda have signed a marriage agreement. Both agree not to break the rulesoutlined in the agreement. John, a reporter, is talking to them about theagreement.)
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit8 THE ENVIRONMENT2013-06-10
Research has shown that 90% of people naturally use their right hands for most tasks. But hundreds of millions of people use their left hands. Then why are some people left-handed? Scientists have been trying to answer that question for many years. A study done in 1992 found that men are more likely to be left-handed than women.
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit7 THE BUSINESS WORLD2013-06-10
On the morning of the devastating earthquake that struck India in 2001, Krimali, a girl of 17, had just left home to go to an interview for a position of a sales clerk. She was pleased with her green and yellow flowered dress, but felt something wasn't quite right about her hair. She returned home, removing her shoes and leaving them at the door.
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit6 STRESS2013-06-09
In some places, as days shorten and temperatures become crisp, the quiet green of summer foliage is transformed into the vivid autumn of reds, oranges, yellows and browns before the leaves fall off the trees. In special years, the colors are truly breathtaking.
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit5 YOUTH2013-06-09
Ashley was reading a magazine when she came across an article about antibiotics and other drugs discovered in European rivers and tap water. If such drugs were present there, she reasoned, they might also be found near her home in West Virginia.
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit2 COINCIDENCE2013-06-08
Andrew had always wanted to be a doctor. But the tuition for a medical school in 1984 was 15,000 dollars a year, which was more than his family could afford. To help him realize his dream, his father, Mr. Stewart, a real estate agent, began searching the house-for-sale ads in newspapers in order to find extra business.
新版大学英语传闻教程 第3册 Unit1 PARENTS2013-06-08
After 22 years of marriage, I have discovered the secret to keep love alive in my relationship with my wife, Peggy. I started dating with another woman.