胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第78期:体验解剖之旅(上)2018-12-27
While I was in college, I took an anatomy class. Every year, the school sponsored a trip to the morgue at the local hospital so each student in the class could be a spectator for a real autopsy.大学时候,我选修过解剖学课程.每年,学校都会出资去当地医院停尸房参观学习,所以每个学生都有机会观看真是的尸体解剖.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第77期:万圣节(下)2018-12-26
Naturally, the living did not want to be possessed. So on the night of October 31, a villager would extinguish even the most little spark of fire in his house, making it a cold and undesirable pace.自然,活人并不想被他们占有.所以在10月31的最后一天,人们在屋内熄火,保持寒冷.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第76期:万圣节(上)2018-12-25
Halloween is an annual celebration in many countries. People usually celebrate Halloween by dressing in costume, and by carving a pumpkin. 万圣节是许多国家每年都要庆祝的节日.这一天,人们通常装扮自己,雕刻南瓜.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第75期:垂钓趣事2018-12-24
On Sunday Martin had nothing to do, so he decided to go fishing. 周日马丁无事可做,就打算去钓鱼.He managed to slip out of the house on the sly, before his parents were awake. 他大费周章,赶在他父母睡醒之前悄悄溜了出来.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第74期:有好处,也有担心2018-12-23
He hopped the move to the country would give some shape to her life and shatter her illusion that the world owed her something.他希望搬到乡下能使女儿的生活步入正轨,打破她总觉得世界欠她点什么的错觉
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第73期:听哥哥讲网恋囧事2018-12-22
My brother never used much scrutiny when he looked for girlfriends, but even he said that the girl was one of the ugliest he had ever seen.我哥哥在找女友这件事上并不是外貌协会,但即使是这样,他还是承认这个女孩是他见过的最丑的女孩.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第72期:听祖母讲故事(下)2018-12-21
She told me about the Leprechaun, a sarcastic and clever spirit who carried a sack of gold. 她给我讲爱尔兰小妖精的故事,那是一种背着金子聪明刻薄的精灵.She told me about fairies who lived in trees, and could make crazy people sane again. 还给我讲林中神仙的故事,它们可以使发疯的人重新神志清醒.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第71期:听祖母讲故事(上)2018-12-20
Looking at my grandmother was like seeing a scene from another world.我祖母就像生活在另一个世界的人Unlike my parents, she had never learned to speak English, and spoke only Gaelic.她只讲盖尔语,不像我父母一样学会了说英语
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第70期:会反驳的电脑(下)2018-12-19
He pressed the restart button. Nothing happened. 他按下重启按钮,然而什么也没发生.Then the message changed.You should learn to respect machines that help you; 屏幕上的提示改变了,你应该尊重给你提供帮助的机器.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第69期:会反驳的电脑(上)2018-12-18
Unable to restrain himself he jabbed at the keyboard with such force 他失控了,用手猛敲电脑键盘.that the escape key flew into the corner of the room. 退出键飞到了房间一角.He took a deep breath to restore his dignity 他深呼吸,试图让自己冷静下来,
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第68期:博物馆之旅(下)2018-12-17
She explained to me that before white people had settled in this area, 她告诉我,在白人来此定居之前,the Native Americans had depended on the buffalo 美国本土人主要依靠野牛to provide them food, leather, and many other essential items. 来供给食物,皮革和其他生活必需品.
When I was growing up, I was surrounded by a lot of American Indian or Native American culture.美国印第安裔文化及本土文化共同伴随着我的成长.I remember visiting a museum and learning about this interesting culture from a very early age.记得很小的时候,我就曾在博物馆领略过这种有趣的文化.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第66期:皇帝的新装(下)2018-12-15
So the king praised the cloth, and decided to wear the new clothes and rejoice with the people, and refresh his city with a great parade. 因此皇帝只好称赞这件衣服,并决定穿上新衣服与民众分享,在城市里举行隆重的游行大典.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第65期:皇帝的新装(上)2018-12-14
However, the Emperor was happy. He took refuge in his closet, where he had a different coat for every hour of the day. 但是,国王却很开心.他躲在自己的更衣室里,每天每隔一小时就会更换一套新衣服.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第64期:Cookies 饼干2018-12-13
After he had been at the school for a year, Billy started to reap the benefits of a boarding school education. 比利来学校一年后,他开始受益于这所寄宿学校的教育.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第63期:全球性问题2018-12-12
Environmental pollution affects everyone—from the homeless people dressed in rags to the people of the highest rank in the government. 环境污染影响着每个人——从衣衫褴褛、无家可归的人到政府最高级别的官员.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第62期:蛮荒的美国西部 Wild West2018-12-11
Over 150 years ago in America, there was a Gold Rush taking place in the state of California.150年前的美国,加利福尼亚地区曾盛行淘金热潮.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第61期:求职 Finding A New Job(02)2018-12-10
Once youve decided what type of job you want, try checking newspaper and internet job listing. 一旦你想好你理想工作的类型,试着在报纸和网络求职信息中找这样的工作.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第60期:求职 Finding A New Job(01)2018-12-09
Many people feel intimidated, when looking for a new job. 很多人找新工作的时候,会很感到害怕.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第59期:一次大型比赛2018-12-08
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第58期:2005年福布斯富豪榜(下)2018-12-07
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第57期:2005年福布斯富豪榜(上)2018-12-06
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第56期:偶像的力量(下)2018-12-05
With those words in mind, Alex knew right then and there that he would find a way to go to college and become an entertainer, no matter how impractical it seemed. 亚历克斯将这些话牢记于心,他知道自己会找到办法去上大学,成为一名艺人,不论这个想法有多不实际.
胡敏读故事记考研词汇 第55期:偶像的力量(上)2018-12-04
Alex wanted to be famous—and he didnt care what he had to do, whether it was to become a pop star or to become a movie star—it was his goal to become a popular entertainer. 亚历克斯一心想要出名——并不在乎通过什么样的方式,不论是做流行歌手还是电影明星——他的目标是成为一名受欢迎的艺人.
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