The number of North Americans who went to the cinema in 2010 was around 5 percent down on the 2009 total, figures show. Box office analysts forecast 1.35 billion tickets will be sold by the end of the year, down on 1.42 billion sold in 2009.
Some Hotmail users are reporting that their e-mails are missing from their accounts.
Police in India have arrested a city bank employee accused of cheating clients out of millions of dollars.
A top anti-smoking law has taken effect in Spain. The ban, one of the strictest in Europe, outlaws smoking in all bars and restaurants.
Canadian police and military teams were working Tuesday afternoon to rescue about 300 people stranded after what a local official termed the most brutal storm to hit the Ontario region in 25 years.
A huge storm that collapsed part of a cliff on Israels central coast led to the discovery of a statue dating back to the Roman period, the Israel Antiquities Authority said Tuesday.
New words enter the English language all the time. In fact, English has always been in a state of evolution.
Life is very stressful nowadays, so it is useful for us to talk about how to cope with stress. If you want to reduce some stress, you can reduce this by the word: s-t-r-e-s-s; thats stress.
If you are a resident, you will find it useful to open a bank account. All the large banks have a network of breaches across the country,and all offer similar services.
M: Hello,Ivan.W: Hello,Bob.M: You know,today is a very special day. Thats the 20th anniversary of the World Wide Web.
Ruth, do you know something about the Ethical Consumer Research Association?
An Olympic security plan five years in the making is taking shape in Vancouver this week.
AT&T plans to spend 18 billion dollars in 2010 upgrading its wireless networks to handle the increasing amount of new traffic.
Dozens of recording stars began converging on a Hollywood studio Monday, to add their voices to a song they hope will raise millions of dollars for Haitian earthquake relief.
A Russian cargo ship with about 30 crew members aboard was in danger of sinking off Russias eastern coast while stormy weather interfered with rescue efforts, state-run Itar-Tass news agency said Friday.
American astronauts will not return to the moon as planned if U.S. Congress passes President Obamas proposed budget.
The police released the first video images yesterday of the two men believed to have been involved in robbing a jewelry shop in the city seven days ago.
Higher education isnt for everyone, and people have a variety of paths to choose from once they graduate from high school.
Few people expect luxury while flying, but these days, even the basics seem to be in bad shape. Its not uncommon to find your tray table broken, the in-flight entertainment system not working and your seat cushion worn.
W: Hello. Im Sue Green. You must be John Fox. M: Yes, I am.
Im thinking of investing in your new educational computer that your company has produced. And Im interested in the advertising campaign.
Hundreds of emergency workers combed the site of a five-story apartment building in southern Ukraine Thursday after a series of explosions reduced it to rubble.
The Northwest braced for blizzards Friday night.Icy roads created from storms this week paralyzed much of the greater Seattle,Washington area,where schools were closed and bus routes were suspended Friday as roads were too icy to navigate.
A campaign is getting underway in Italy to take back large stretches of the countrys beaches from private bathing clubs which usually charge to use them.
Honduran authorities dedicated to the protection of children and adolescents have undertaken campaign to protect youngsters who beg on the streets.
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