voa常速英语:Ghana Election Results Postponed2008-12-31
Ghana's Electoral Commission has delayed the release of final results from Sunday's presidential run-off because of problems with voting materials in one of the country's 230 districts. Voters in t
voa常速英语:India Denies Escalating Tensions With Pakistan2008-12-31
India has denied escalating tensions with its neighbor as Pakistan called on New Delhi to resume a dialogue and pull back its troops along the border. Tensions have been deepening between the South As
The Awami League, led by former prime minister Sheik Hasina, has gained a clear majority of the parliamentary seats in Bangladesh's election. International observers are preliminarily deeming the ele
voa常速英语:Egypt Will Not Fully Open Gaza Border Crossing2008-12-31
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak says Egypt will not fully open the border crossing into Gaza, unless Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is in control there. Meanwhile, Arab diplomats are preparing t
voa常速英语:Britain Calls for Urgent Ceasefire in Gaza2008-12-30
Three days into Israel's air assault on Gaza, Britain's Foreign Secretary warns of a very dark moment in the Middle East peace process. David Miliband is calling for an urgent, immediate ceasefire.
voa常速英语:African Union Suspends Guinea2008-12-30
The African Union has suspended Guinea following last week's military coup while Guinea's new military leaders have demoted many of the country's generals.
  African Union leaders put Guinea's me
voa常速英语:AU Welcomes Somalia President's Resignation2008-12-29
Africa's top peace and security official has welcomed the resignation of Somalia's President Abdullahi Yusuf, saying it clears the way for actions that could prevent the country from descending into
voa常速英语:US in Diplomatic Push for Renewed Gaza Cease-Fire2008-12-29
The Bush administration on Monday mounted a campaign of telephone diplomacy aimed at achieving a durable and sustainable Gaza cease-fire. Meanwhile, analysts say the Gaza crisis has complicated Middle
voa常速英语:Tsunami Victims Recovering 4 Years After Disaster2008-12-28
Four years after the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies reports tremendous progress has been made in rebuilding the structures that
voa常速英语:Ghana Elections, Second Round Sunday2008-12-28
Presidential candidates in Ghana wrapped-up their campaigning Friday ahead of Sunday's run-off election to succeed out-going President John Kufuor.
  Ghana has closed its borders with Togo, Ivory Co
voa常速英语:Tens of Thousands of Guineans Attend ...2008-12-28
Tens of Thousands of Guineans Attend Conte FuneralThousands of Guineans turned out Friday to pay their respects to former President Lansana Conte, whose death this week sparked a military coup. Mutino
voa常速英语:Businesses Around World Try to Boost Sales2008-12-28
Retailers around the world are slashing prices in the hopes of convincing wary consumers to spend money again, as one survey finds critical holiday sales in the United States fell by as much as four p
voa常速英语:Pilgrims Flock to Bethlehem for Christmas2008-12-27
The faithful have flocked to the West Bank town of Bethlehem to celebrate Christmas.
Christians gather on Christmas Day inside the Church of Nativity, believed by many to be the birthplace of Jesu
voa常速英语:Libya Bans Swiss Flights2008-12-27
Libya has banned Switzerland's national carrier, Swiss International Air Lines, from flying to Tripoli. This is the latest twist in ongoing diplomatic row between countries over the arrest of Moammar
voa常速英语:Guinea Coup Plotters Announce Curfew, New Leader2008-12-27
Mutinous soldiers trying to take power in Guinea have named an army captain as the country's new leader while promising to hold democratic elections in two years. The civilian government in Conakry s
voa常速英语:US Prepares to Fight 'Irregular' Wars for ...2008-12-27
US Prepares to Fight 'Irregular' Wars for Years to ComeThe U.S. Defense Department has taken several steps in recent weeks to ensure that hard won lessons in counterinsurgency are not lost when the
voa常速英语:Bush, Obama Remember Troops at Christmas2008-12-26
Both U.S. President George Bush and President-elect Barack Obama are spending a quiet Christmas out of the media spotlight with family and friends. They are urging Americans to remember U.S. troops ab
voa常速英语:African Union Condemns Guinea Coup Attempt2008-12-26
The African Union has condemned the attempt by military officers in Guinea to seize power following the death of President Lansana Conte. The continent's top peace and security officials are calling
voa常速英语:Christians Celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem2008-12-26
It is a festive Christmas Eve in the West Bank town of Bethlehem.
  Palestinian boy and girl scouts marched through Manger Square in Bethlehem, kicking off Christmas Eve celebrations. They marched pa
voa常速英语:India's Auto Industry Faces Slowdown2008-12-26
India's auto industry is facing a slowdown, prompting many automobile manufacturers to scale down plans for expansion. Many global automakers headed to India, in recent years, to take advantage of a
voa常速英语:Military Group Claims to Have Taken Power ...2008-12-25
Military Group Claims to Have Taken Power in GuineaA military-led group in Guinea says it has taken power, following the death of long-time President Lansana Conte. But the civilian government in Cona
voa常速英语:Russian PM: Era of Cheap Natural Gas is Ending2008-12-25
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin warns that the era of cheap natural gas is ending because of multi-billion dollar investments needed to develop the industry.Speaking in Moscow at a meeting of th
voa常速英语:Data Show More Bad News for US Economy2008-12-25
World markets were mixed Tuesday amid confirmation that the U.S. economy shrank in the third quarter of the year. The Bush administration says it believes fourth quarter numbers will be even worse.The
voa常速英语:Hamas Offers to Renew Truce with Israel2008-12-25
With tension running high on the Israel-Gaza border, the sides could be stepping back from the brink of a major confrontation.
The Islamic militant group Hamas that rules the Gaza Strip has offere
voa常速英语:Islamists Oppose Pirates on Somali Coast2008-12-23
Report from Somalia: Islamists Oppose Pirates on Somali Coast
By Alisha Ryu
Hobyo, Somalia
22 December 2008
On Sunday, the remote pirate stronghold of Hobyo in the Galmudug region of central Somalia
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