Defense Secretary Robert Gates is raising the prospect of severe additional sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program following the disclosure of a previously secret uranium enrichment facility. Gates says that facility is the latest example of what he called "a pattern of deception and lies” by the Iranian government.
Leaders of the US, Britain and France are demanding an immediate investigation of Iran’s nuclear program after announcing the discovery of a secret uranium enrichment facility. More from NPR’s Scott Horsley.
The Obama administration reportedly plans to tell Iran's government in multinational talks next week that it has three months to open its nuclear facilities to inspectors and answer detailed questions about its disputed nuclear program. The New York Times quotes administration officials as saying Iran will also be told to make its nuclear scientists available to be interviewed by the inspectors. President Obama says the international community is ready to insist on compliance.
A Colorado man charged with being involved in an alleged bomb plot in the US was in a Denver courtroom this morning. His father was released from federal detention but Najibullah Zazi remains in custody. NPR's Jeff Brady has more.
Speaking to the United Nation's General Assembly in New York today, President Obama said the world's leaders who have criticized the US for acting on its own need to join him in tackling global problems. At his first address as president to UN attendees, Mr. Obama called for a new era of engagement.
The top US military commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, says that unless more troops are sent to the country, the war there will fail. McChrystal's assessment is detailed in a classified report obtained by the Washington Post. The General has completed a second report which has not yet reached Washington outlining how many more troops are needed. NPR's Tom Bowman reports.
President Obama says his effort to overhaul the nation's health care system is not a radical plan and can be accomplished without breaking his campaign promise not to raise the tax burden on the middle class. He also said it can be accomplished without significant Republican support in Congress although he would like a bipartisan approach.
As she prepares to head to the annual UN General Assembly, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is warning Iran that she will push for more sanctions soon if the country continues to defy the international community on the nuclear issue. NPR's Michele Kelemen has more.
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus today unveiled a ten-year 856-billion-dollar healthcare overhaul bill though the Congressional Budget Office had a lower number. In the news conference on Capitol Hill today, the Montana Senator said with healthcare cost continuing to climb, it’s imperative for lawmakers to take action on healthcare legislation now.
A year after the start of the financial crisis, President Obama urged Wall Street to embrace reform to prevent another one from happening again. NPR's Frank Langfitt has the story.
President Obama says he is willing to consider compromise variations to his plan for overhauling the nation’s healthcare system but only if he’s convinced they will work.
Tens of thousands of protesters crowded the grounds of the US Capitol and parts of the National Mall to voice their discontent with the Federal government and the Obama administration's policies. One of the organizers of the march Jenny Beth Martin called on the crowd to make their voices heard to lawmakers. And you hear us now. You are going to continue, we are going to continue to make our voices heard until you listen.
On this eighth anniversary of the terror attacks that prompted the US invasion of Afghanistan, a leading Senate Democrat has demanded that far more Afghanistan security forces be trained. Until that happens, Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin says no further commitment should be made to send more US troops to Afghanistan. More from NPR's David Welna.
A hijacked AeroMexico plane carrying 112 people including crew landed in Mexico City today and up to eight people have been arrested. Americans, Mexicans and French were reported among the people on the flight from Cancun.
The Federal Reserve says that consumers sharply cut back on their borrowing in July. That decline suggests the economic rebound will not come as quickly as many economists have predicted.
President Obama told union members in Ohio today it's time to stop debating an overhaul of the nation's health care system and to get something done. NPR's Scott Horsley reports.
The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal is acknowledging that some civilians were at least injured in an airstrike yesterday against two hijacked fuel tanker trucks. From what I have seen today in going to the hospital, it's clear to me there were some civilians who were harmed at that site.
A NATO airstrike in northern Afghanistan has killed or wounded at least 90 people, most of them believed to be Taliban fighters. NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson has more from Kabul.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates meeting with reporters at the Pentagon today said he realizes there is growing impatience with the war in Afghanistan. But he took exception to the idea the war, in his words, “is slipping through the administration's fingers”. And Gates told reporters he disagrees with those who say it's time for the US to withdraw.
President Barack Obama has now scheduled what is being billed as a major address to Congress on health care for September 9th. The speech will come just one day after lawmakers return to the Capitol from their August recess. The move comes at a time some Democrats are saying the President's been too big about his goals for reworking the nation's health care system.
The nation's manufacturing sector grew last month for the first time in more than a year and a half. An index compiled by the Institute for Supply Management showed better-than-expected manufacturing growth with strong new orders for manufactured goods both here and abroad. President Obama hailed the new data during an appearance in the White House Rose Garden.
Fire crews in California have been unable so far to slow the spread of a wildfire that's raging in the mountains north of Los Angeles. The blaze has charred more than 35,000 acres, forcing evacuation orders for more than 6,500 homes.
Senator Edward Kenney was honored today with words and music at his funeral Mass in Boston. Hundreds of mourners, Sir tenor Placido Domingo and cellist Yo-Yo Ma performed. And President Obama gave a eulogy praising Kennedy as the greatest legislator of our time, a man whose name graces nearly one thousand laws.
Senator Edward Kennedy will be remembered tonight by his closest friends and family at the JFK Presidential Library where the Senator has been lying in repose. NPR's Tovia Smith has more.