With tens of thousands of secret Afghan war documents posted online by a whistle-blower website, WikiLeaks is raising blood pressure once again.
we would like to see this material, the revelations that this material gives be taken seriously, investigated by governments, and new policies put in place as a result. If not, prosecutions of those people who have committed abuses, this means, it's important to understand this material doesn’t just reveal abuses, this material describes past six years of war.
Well, listen to this. 163 million dollars. That's the estimate, right now the latest estimate for what kind of impact this one convention, this just lasts several days, has in San Diego.
The whisker warriors are being used to track and detect underwater saboteurs and mines in the waters off the coast of Iraq.
As long as the North Korean leadership takes a different choice, continuing defiance, provocation and belligerence, it will continue to suffer the consequences. Let me stress that these measures are not directed at the people of North Korea, who have suffered too long due to the misguided and malign priorities of their government, they are directed at the destabilizing, illicit and provocative policies pursued by that government.
We're pushing forward on the story of Shirley Sherrod. Now, she's telling us that we don't have the whole story. Sherrod used to be the USDA Rural Development Director for Georgia until a YouTube clip of her went viral. It's from an NAACP dinner in March.
We have 38 million people affected so far by this flood of emergency, more than a million people have been relocated. A lot of the focuses on the three gorges dam right now as we've seen that they opened the floodgates.
In India, police say there are no more passengers trapped inside the wreckage of a train that crashed in West Bengal state, at least 60 people reported killed in that crash. It's being blamed right now on a moving train that ploughed into another that had stopped. Three coaches flung off the tracks by the force of the impact alone; one of those hit an overpass that was above the tracks.
There is no doubt that we have made progress as a consequence of this new cap fitting on and that even if it turns out that we can't keep the containment cap on to completely stop the oil, it is going on to allow us to capture much more oil and we will see less oil flow into the gulf.
Billy Nungesser says today will mark a pivotal turning point for the first time since the April 20th explosion. Crews may be able to capture more oil than what's actually escaping. Alright, Wall Street reform is now just one signature away from being law. The Senate passed the massive 2300-page bill by a vote of 60-39. And President Obama is expected to approve it next week.
It's another day, another setback in the Gulf oil spill disaster. Here's the latest news on day 87 of this Gulf oil crisis. Equipment that BP was using to help stop the oil gushing into the water from a ruptured well, well that is now leaking.
Well, what we were doing the final preparations, is getting all the equipment in place, going through the plans one last time, in parallel with that, the government scientific group was also reviewing the plans and they raised a couple of issues which the National Interest Commander Admiral Allen felt it was worth putting the test on hold for 24 hours while we address those concerns.
Day 85 of the Gulf oil disaster and there is new hope this morning that today could mark the beginning of the end, “could” being the key word.
We're all watching, hoping today turns out to be the beginning of the end of this economic and environmental disaster. About a mile beneath where I'm standing right now, they're running diagnostic tests of the well.
Milong Esting has been stuck in a makeshift camp for the last six months. From the moment I came here, she says, I don't know anything. They keep saying we're going to get this, we're going to get that, but I haven't seen anything.
And this victory means so much to these Spanish fans. For so many tournaments Spain have been considered among the favorites, but for so many years, they crashed and burned and the team came home completely dejected and utterly disappointed. But they pulled it off this time, and for the fans, this is huge.
The plane carrying the 10 admitted spies, confessed spies from the United States has touched down in Moscow, they touched down in Domodedovo, airport here in the Russian capital, and they will whisk the way in black tout Mercedes minibuses.
I stand before you to announce the arrest of a suspect that has terrorized our community for far too long. On August 10th, 1985, a terror began and spread throughout the streets of south Los Angeles, and for the next 25 years, one man preyed on the innocent, stole the lives of women living in some of our toughest neighborhoods.
you knew it was coming: the Feds suing Arizona, trying to stop its tough new immigration law. The law that among other things requires police to question people they think might be in the country illegally.
The FBI, Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Louisiana Police Department, the St. Louis County Police Department, continue to work together very closely, we have not stopped since it's started, and we will not stop until we catch the individual that abducted Alisa.
Mr. President, in the past year, you distanced yourself from Israel and gave a cold shoulder to the prime minister.
Both sides appear to be trying to find a way out of this, a way where they can save face on the one hand, but also still appear to be top of issues for the constituents on the other hand.
So Ron Paul supports Michael Steele's comments about the Afghan war. Well, there's one, because many Republicans are ripping him apart and wishing the party head would think before he jams his foot in the party's mouth. In case you missed it, here's what Mr. Steele said. It was late Friday at a fundraiser in Connecticut.
And we begin with those heavy rains and tornadoes that are pounding south Texas as Hurricane Alex comes ashore. The season's first hurricane actually made landfall in northeastern Mexico with 100-mile-an-hour winds.