we all know that college degrees don't come cheaply and the price tag is only getting bigger, but when to get your, well, to toss your tasseled cap and collect your diploma, it's all supposed to be worth it, right? Well, Alina Cho live in New York, and Alina, you're looking at the rising cost of college and you actually met a grad who says he actually regrets getting his high-priced, big name degree.
So when they play, they forget about the awful earthquake that happened in Haiti. Sport is very, very good for them to make them forget some things like the earthquake. It's a good thing. You know.
This story gets to a lot of us. I just can't let it go. We've talked about this new crackdown in Arizona, the crackdown on teachers' accents. Too thick, you are out. There's the door.
The EPA is now telling BP to change the chemical dispersant. The government agency wants BP to choose something less toxic now. CNN's Ed Lavandera has more on one alternative that is already to go.
A showdown in the Lone Star State over history and how it's taught. Here is CNN's national correspondent Gary Tuchman.
It's the Korean Peninsula that's getting a lot of attention right now because of something that happened in the Yellow Sea back in March. A mysterious explosion tore a South Korean warship in half.
We known that Fridays are awesome, but you know what today’s show could use? A mascot and we’ve got one coming up for you in about eight minutes. I’m Carl Azuz. Let’s get to it.
People of a certain age sort of remember times of great racial conflict in this country, and divide that seemed pretty much impossible to bridge. And 60 years ago, researchers used the simple doll test to see how children view race, seeing their reaction to black and white baby dolls. Well CNN has commission now on a new study, a second doll test if you will. Now, Anderson Cooper takes up, look at the results.
All right. A Rhode Island High School that fired all of its teachers now plans to give them their jobs back. The news comes after Central Falls High School and the teacher’s union agreed on some new standards. Nearly a hundred teachers were fired because students were underperforming. Now, part of this agreement calls for longer hours and more afterschool tutoring sessions. The teachers will be voting on this deal today.
We are hearing now from a suspected terrorist in his own words. CNN has obtained two e-mails from Faisal Shahzad, you know, the man charged with the failed car bombings of New York's Times Square.
Shall we talk about our kids’ clothes for a minute, ok? Does it irritate you sometimes the way your son or daughter dresses? How about when your son has draggy pants like this? Does this just drive you nuts? I’m sorry but this is New York State Senator Eric Adams.
The Vatican is letting the public in on part of its history that’s been closed off for centuries. Visitors can now walk in the footsteps of Popes who were forced to make hasty getaways long ago. Susana Gargelo has more.
It's a horrible thing to see. And the thing is, Kyra, it's not like they can go across the street and work at a different business because everyone is shut down along much of the coast. It's a very very, very tough thing. And you know if they want to work and stay in this business, they have to go to the east coast or the west coast where things are still operational. But here on the Gulf Coast it's, it’s pandemonium.
Vicious weather in the southern plains. Two deadly tornadoes swirling in unison in southern Oklahoma. All of it caught on tape.
Misconception. A stunning story especially for couples having trouble having kids. One Michigan couple learning that their frozen embryos were gone, implanted into another woman by mistake.
Very smart and very skilled that building consensus. Two traits not listed on Kagan's resume, but they're sure won't hurt her chances of confirmation. CNN's Kate Bolduan has a closer look.
Question is, who is going to live at 10 Downing Street.The UK is trying to figure that out after last week's parliamentary elections.
When trying to clean up a giant oil spill, how does the oil industry know exactly what to do, what techniques are going to work. The research is done right here at OHMSETT, the Oil and Hazardous Materials Simulated Environmental Test Tank. This facility is run by the Interior Department’s, Minerals Management Service and it’s the largest of its kind in the entire world.
moms, you know what I'm talking about here. There you are 25 hours or more of painstaking labor, the sweat, the tears and then finally your baby comes, your dream come true. Everything you ever wanted is right there crying in the delivery room.
Five years ago, the Dallas independent School District banned paddling but now one tutor has started a movement to bring back what’s called licks. He says just the threat of physical punishment keeps kids in line and teachers agree. They need more to control the students. Just ask the teacher, who just now recovered from the torn cartilage in her knee, courtesy of a second grader.
Another big story we're following for you this morning, that massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Boom! They're now being battered in the water, and one of the main lines to defense here against the Gulf of Mexico oil spill may not in the end hold up.
A lot of landmarks right now in Nashville under water. Let’s start with the good news though. The good news is, Brooke, that the Cumberland River has crested and is on the way down. They hopes it’s gonna be back in these banks within the next 24 hours. This is Second Avenue in the Downtown Nashville. The name would imply there should be another two blocks before you get to the river.
There is also a videotape from a tourist. A tourist from Pennsylvania. The NYPD already has spoken with that tourist. And that video shows a man running north up Broadway. So that would be right by where we are. We're two blocks away from where that car was parked, where the SUV was parked on Saturday night.
How much more can Tennessee take? Parts of the state completely under water this morning after getting pounded with up to 20 inches of water over the weekend. At least 11 people have lost their lives. Others still missing. Hospitals evacuated. At Opryland hotel 1,500 guests spent the night at a nearby high school. Thousands of residents have fled their homes. People like this.