Immediately after the President signs the bill this morning, insurance companies will have to cover children with preexisting conditions. The companies can continue to deny adults until 2014.
Health care reform enters a new era in about two hours. President Obama is scheduled to sign that bill into law. Then, he is going to travel around the country to sell the plan to skeptics. But Republicans say that battle is on to get ready for legal challenges, nearly a dozen states plan to argue that it's not constitutional.
it's spring break at Cornell University and you'd think that students would be celebrating. Their basketball team's unlikely birth in the NCAA's Sweet 16 tournament.
It's the most sweeping health care overhaul in decades. So, what's in the bill and what's in it for you? It will make coverage available to 32 million Americans, that's what it will do, the ones that are now living without health insurance.
The men you see roamed around, allegedly looking for stuff to steal from the sickest patients. Talk about sick. They supposedly stole seven grand in jewelry from a woman in her bed, dying. The thieves have not been caught yet, but we need your help. Look at them and report them.
So let's say health care reform passes. And you're one of the millions of Americans needing insurance. Think you'll be covered immediately? Well, think again. Our chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta is here to break it all down for us.
Well that's a pressure cooker of a day on Capitol Hill as we wait and wonder how this vote for healthcare plays out, the final vote is expected Sunday and Democratic house leaders are trying to convince undeclared members to vote yes. 216 votes are needed to either pass the vote or kill it. Right now 206 house members say they will vote No. Of those who say that they are against the bill, well 178 are republicans, 28 are democrats, 35 right now, undeclared.
Fredricka, I'm at the Cornerstone Schools here in Detroit. There are actually three of these institutions within Detroit, one independent -- this one -- and then there are two that are part of the public school system.
So if you've watched your fortunes rise and fall on Wall Street, this may be only mildly shocking to you. Those big plunges in your portfolio can also take quite a toll on your health.
They looked at a lot of empirical evidence, scientific evidence basically showing that juveniles are less able to sort of manufacture in their brains what they're doing when they're doing something wrong unlike an adult. So they'll likely be looking at evidence like that when they're trying to come up with a decision this time around.
Growing up behind bars. They are considered too young to make their own legal decisions, yet they can face life in prison for crimes that do not involve murder.
Now that rehabilitation, the physical therapy, that is continuing. He's going to have that physical therapy on outpatient basis. You see him there working with the walker. He can walk a little bit now. A lot of physical therapy, smiling a lot. He's getting stronger and stronger all the time. Still more surgeries to come. They've got to remove those pins from his legs yet.
So did a cigarette ad target young girls? The tobacco company says no, but pediatricians say, hold on, not so fast. The numbers show a link between the ad and girls lighting up. Our senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen here with that story. And of course, it has got a lot of parents pretty worried.
Good morning. I'm Brooke Baldwin. Thanks for starting your day with us. It is March 13th. Got a lot going on, but first want to get you caught up on some of the top stories keeping our eye on for you, including this one. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger admitted to a hospital in Seoul, South Korea today for what's being described as minor stomach troubles. Kissinger is 86 years of age. He is in Seoul for a security forum.
A dismal economy eating away at school budgets. Now, a Kansas City Missouri school district makes a drastic move. The school board has narrowly approved a plan to close almost half of the district's 61 schools in an urban area of the city.
Once I heard the screams toward the end, I mean, honestly, I'm holding the phone, and I'm in tears. I can barely talk. I'm shaking. I'm in tears, because all I hear is them ....
Finally getting their due. Some of the forgotten heroes of World War II are being honored today in Washington. We're talking about the WASPs. CNN's Jessica Yellin explains.
We have good news and bad news on the jobs front. There are more openings out there, but also, there's a lot more competition for each one of those jobs. CNN's Christine Romans joins us live now from New York with more on this Christine.
Now we talke about a radical plan. Money so tight in Kansas City, Missouri. The school district might close almost half its schools. There's a plan to close 29 of 61 schools to deal with a $50 million budget short fall. Superintendents talking about cutting 700 jobs. That's more than a quarter of the payroll. The school board votes on the plan Wednesday.
Hawaii has already said that you could expect your refund July 1st. That is a delay due to the state's current fiscal situation. July 1, 2010, no surprise there. Look, that's going to give them a little bit of $275 million pot that they are going to go towards balancing the state budget.
Students across the nation today are saying enough is enough. They're just plain fed up with the rising cost of education. They're protesting higher tuition cuts in student services and reductions in funding for higher education.
there is a political subplot here that we simply can't ignore. And that is that Jim Bunning, a Republican from Kentucky, has an awful relationship with his Republican leadership, and his fellow Kentuckian, the Republican leader, Mitch McConnell -- he is somebody who really pushed Jim Bunning to retire from the Senate instead of runing for re-election this year.
let's start with Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky. Oh, boy, can you tell that he and his middle finger are not running for re-election? That's right. He is the one person standing between millions of jobless Americans and their money.
So how's this for an example of "Broken Government"? No more time, no more money. And if you're depending on unemployment benefits to get by, forget about it.