Red wine drinkers are toasting recent studies that suggest the drink may have even more beneficial health effects than previously reported. One study even argues that it can help extend your life. Jan Hopkins catches up with some avid aficionados to find out more.
Japan is far from out of the economic woods, yet during the nation’s lost decade luxury goods makers actually prospered and are now expanding, even as the nation struggles with deflation. Dan Sloan takes us on a stroll along Tokyo’s catwalks to see who’s strutting ahead.
A year to the day after President Obama signed the massive stimulus bill into law, the administration is talking it up, but where's all that money actually gone? Josh Levs, can you actually breakdown every single cent for us?
I think it all depends on the student, obviously. We like Senator Buttars raising the issue of the significance of the 12th year of high school. In Utah, we're finding however that the 12th year really needs to be intensified.
Remember being a senior in high school? It was a big deal, right? Homecoming, the prom, graduation, the excitement of taking that next step. You know, the stuff that memories are made of. Well, can you imagine high school ending in 11th grade? Juniors at the top of the high school hierarchy? Well, they're actually having that discussion in Utah right now.
What makes Capital Prep different from many of the schools that the students are attending now is that we're a year-round school. We go to school beginning in July and we end in June. We have very high expectations of our students, but more importantly, we have the highest expectations of our faculty because we believe they have a great opportunity to influence children's lives.
The second time was the charm for NASA as the space shuttle Endeavour took off early Monday morning. It was supposed to launch on Sunday, but as we told you about yesterday, that plan was delayed because of weather. The shuttle and its crew are on a two-week mission to the international space station.
And nearly half a million homeless people are still living in those makeshift settlements in Haiti today. Only a tinny tiny percentage have made it to organize tent cities. The rest are making do with whatever building materials they can find hidden in that rubble.
Then there is the story of this woman, a girlfriend now wife of an Air Marshal who complained to the Department of Homeland Security she was followed, photographed, and investigated by the Air Marshals, all because she says her then-boyfriend had a workman's comp claim.
To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? It's a debate that raged among parents and one that's divided the autism community. Now one journal that put out a paper showing an autism vaccine link is retracting it.
The Toyota tribulations. If you own one, you almost have to be wondering, what the heck is next? Crisis of confidence clouded by confusion. Now the Prius has a huge problem.
Some environmental groups are criticizing Australia for its poor record on caring for endangered species. More mammals have become extinct in that country over the last 200 years than in any other place in the world. And new laws to protect threatened animals are not always enforced. Australia’s Network Ten reports on the case of some endangered sea lions off the country’s southern shores.
Right now Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Capitol Hill discussing lifting the ban on gays serving in the armed forces. It's the first major step in that direction since the 1993 policy Don't Ask Don't Tell ignited the firestorm.
Well, it's helped us, but we're a little different in the sense of the amounts of money that we have received thus far. Ours has been about $22 million. We received money basically in categorical grants. We got CDDB or community development funds, we got neighborhood stabilization funds and we got money to prevent homelessness, and that ranged about $7.2 million.
All right. Let's talk about how your stimulus money is helping or not helping across America. We're going to the local level here, talking with three mayors. The mayor of Laredo, Texas, Raul Salinas, also Mayor James Baker of Wilmington, Delaware and Elkhart, Indiana, Dick Moore joining us. Three cities, three mayors, three stories about your money.
Ben Bernanke, whom you see right here, is the chairman of the Federal Reserve, the country's central bank.
we asked for your ideas on how to fix the economy. Got more than 200 comments from you so far.
It is the most awesome day of the week; we're glad you're spending part of it with CNN Student News. Talking you through today's commercial-free headlines, I'm Carl Azuz.
I bet Jeffrey Miron would weigh in on that. And then "AC 360" investigates why stimulus money is going to so many companies that have a history of law breaking. The stimulus project all this week, 6:00 a.m., 8:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
So what that is is evidence that people are being hired using the stimulus money, but what it leaves out is that someone is gonna have to pay the taxes to pay for that spending. So if you think that the extra spending now pay is creating jobs now, the extra taxes later to pay for that are of course going to destroy some jobs.
Our next guest says that the answer to that is a big fat costly no. Jeffrey Miron has some pretty impressive credentials. He's a visiting professor in the Department of Economics at Harvard, and is also tied at MIT and the University of Michigan.