Today President Obama's holding a town hall meeting with AARP members to answer questions about his push to overhaul the health care system. Two more town halls around the health-care issue are slated for tomorrow. A Senate vote on health-care changes has been postponed now until at least September.
Good morning, I'm Melissa Long here at the CNN center in Atlanta. It's a Monday morning. It's the 27th of July. Here is a look at some of the stories making news this morning.
Vice President Joe Biden making some news with some comments about Russia in an interview he gave to the Wall Street Journal. Biden said Russia has a withering economy and it's (quote) clinging to something in the past that is not sustainable (end quote).
Afghan troops facing off with Taliban fighters in the city of Khost, this is south of Kabul, a US military base is in that area as well.Suicide bombers attacked government buildings including an Afghan military hospital.
FBI agents hold in mayors, state legislators and rabbis by the busload. All were accused of bribery and dirty politics. 44 people from New Jersey and the State of New York were taken into custody. Accusations range from money laundering--international money laundering, bribes and even trafficking in kidneys. The FBI says the story is all about greed.
Hi there, welcome to World Sport, I'm Patrick Snell at the CNN center in Atlanta. Thank you so much for joining us. We are gonna start at the US Open in New York City where Justine Henin has added to her '03 success after a straight sets dismantling of Russian player Svetlana Kuznetsova on super Saturday in the big apple.
A missing soldier's hometown is helping him out by keeping quiet. Pfc Bowe Bergdahl was captured in Afghanistan. This is a footage of him speaking and eating. It was released this week. Family and friends aren't talking because they say it could make it harder to get him home.
In India, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has wrapped up talks in New Delhi with the signing of two agreements. One of them designates sites for American firms to build two nuclear power plants in India, and the other one ensures that US arms technology sold to India does not leak to third countries.
Yeah, sixteen people killed when a helicopter crashed in southern Afghanistan. It's according to NATO, five others were hurt, no word on those five conditions. It happened during a takeoff at a Kandahar airfield. NATO says the helicopter wasn't a military helicopter.
Hamas says it's open to a cease-fire deal with Israel but only if Israel withdraws its forces from the Palestinian territory. Israel continues to pound Hamas' targets in Gaza to end rocket attacks as three more rockets from Lebanon fell in northern Israel on Wednesday.
Two suicide bombers have been blamed for blasts that ripped through two luxury hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia today. The hotels are right next to each other. This is some exclusive live video of the aftermath.
Judge Sonia Sotomayor will begin a final round of questioning from senators this morning, and then lawmakers will hear the people who have been in her courtroom. Yesterday Sotomayor vigorously defended what she said was her "unbiased" approach to the law. She also avoided giving her personal views on hot-button issues like abortion and gun control.
Sevilla are on course for an historic treble having successfully retained their European trophy. Pedro Pinto is with me here to discuss their achievement. Pedro let's talk first about the way the game ended. It's horrible to have a final of such status settled on penalties, but you think the best team won?
Sonia Sotomayor heads back to Capitol Hill today. The Supreme Court nominee is pledging fidelity to the law. The Republicans who have been critical of her past remarks on race are expected to give Sotomayor a grilling today.
The Supreme Court confirmation hearings for judge Sonia Sotomayor began this morning. 19 senators on the senate Judiciary Committee will give opening remarks and then Sotomayor will read the statement. Now the tough questions will actually start tomorrow.
The current administration might not be too cool with this. But Attorney General Eric Holder may go ahead with an investigation into the Bush administration's interrogation practices. The Associated Press reports that Holder may appoint a criminal prosecutor.
Another story now. In a Philadelphia area, it has some people scratching their heads, disturbed as well. The president of this swim club says that safety not racism was the reason for canceling swimming privileges for minority children.
This morning President Obama and the G8 made a 15-billion-dollar promise to Africa. It was the last order of business at their summit in Italy. The US will donate about three billion dollars to an initiative to teach poor farmers how to grow more food and do it safely.
Hi there and welcome to World Sport from London. I am Don Riddell, we're going to start with tennis today and the grass court season is now on the way, but Roger Federer is keeping his powder dried.
Just hours from now, a memorial gets underway for Michael Jackson. It will be at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and we are able to confirm the king of pop's body will be there as well.
President Barack Obama is in Russia at a sort of a three-nation tour, Mr. Obama there in Moscow this morning, shaking hands here, beginning that two days of talks with his Russian counterpart, President Dmitry Medvedev.
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Breaking news at the Disney World in central Florida--an accident. Here is this amazing picture we got from one of our i-Reporters. This accident, this crash, involving two monorail trains killed one of the operators.
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South Korea says North Korea's launching of seven short-range missiles is a provocative act. Let's get more now from Sohn Jie-Ae in Seoul. We're talking about these short-range missiles. They fire about 310 miles into the Sea of Japan. What is a scud missile?