BBC新闻词汇 第29期:泰姬陵面敷泥巴面膜2016-08-25
The white marble domes and minarets of the Taj Mahal were constructed as a monument to love by the Mugha
BBC新闻词汇 第29期:爱尔兰退出欧元区债款救助方案Ireland exits bailout programme2016-08-24
It is being called Irelands exit from the bailout. If all goes to plan Ireland will receive no more financial assistance.
BBC新闻词汇 第28期:梵蒂冈银行阻截3万亿美金诈骗案2016-08-24
The two suspects were carrying fake bond certificates with a face value of some four trillion dollars, and were allegedly hoping to open a line of credit at the Vatican bank.
BBC新闻词汇 第27期:里约热内卢的废物 Rubbish in Rio2016-08-23
Theres something rotten in Rio - and the smell is coming from the huge stacks of rubbish piled up on sidewalks all over the city. Rios street sweepers chose the carnival holiday to demand better salaries. Their wages start at roughly $400 a month.
BBC新闻词汇 第26期:大峡谷是'近年才构成的Grand Canyon 'formed recently'2016-08-23
Millions of tourists are drawn each year to the Grand Canyon to see its impressive rocks, which record nearly two billion years of Earth history. Running for almost 450km and to a depth of 1,800m, it is almost too vast to take in.
BBC新闻词汇 第25期:我国出境游客人数最多China is the biggest source of tourists2016-08-22
Whatever measure you choose, Chinese tourists now top the global rankings. Last year just shy of 100 million Chinese made foreign trips.
BBC新闻词汇 第24期:美联储发动消减量化方针Fed scales back stimulus effort2016-08-22
The Federal Reserve has been pumping money into the US economy by buying $85bn of bonds each month. From January, it will cut the figure to $75bn. And it has signalled that it will further reduce the scale of its bond buying if the economy continues to improve.
BBC新闻词汇 第23期:德国薪酬将降到最低值Germany to have minimum wage2016-08-21
Chancellor Merkel said she would accept the minimum wage but, in return, would not accede to Social Democrat calls for higher taxes.
BBC新闻词汇 第22期:推特股票价格暴升Twitter shares jump2016-08-21
It will go down as one of the most spectacular debuts in the history of financial markets.
BBC新闻词汇 第21期:英国将简化我国游客签证手续Easier UK visas for Chinese proposed2016-08-20
In a speech at Chinas top university the chancellor said there should be no limits on the number of Chinese students and tourists able to visit Britain if they want to.
China is the worlds biggest polluter. But toxic smog in its cities is increasingly generating enormous public anger.
BBC新闻词汇 第19期:Detroit goes bankrupt2016-08-19
The birthplace of mass production, Motor City, has thrown in the towel.
BBC新闻词汇 第17期:Cyprus tries to sort out its finances2016-08-19
After the furious public reaction to this bailout deal, the fight now turns to parliament. MPs will debate the new tax before it is voted upon later on today (Monday).
BBC新闻词汇 第16期:Horsemeat scandal widens2016-08-18
It is a convoluted supply chain involving Dutch and Cypriot agents, two French processing companies and Romanian abattoirs. But where in that complex network did horse become beef?
BBC新闻词汇 第15期:Austerity for Chinese New Year2016-08-18
During Chinese New Year its common to give gifts to bosses and officials as a way of gaining favour.
BBC新闻词汇 第14期:Building a better future2016-08-17
This discussion paper says the antidote to fears about resources is whats known as material efficiency; thats making the things we want, but with less material.
BBC新闻词汇 第13期:Smartphone hacker arrest2016-08-17
He defrauded thousands of people, stealing tiny sums of money in hidden transactions.
BBC新闻词汇 第12期:Battle of the phones2016-08-16
Transcript:The lawyer representing Apple opened the case by showing slides of Samsung phones from 2006 and comparing&nbs
BBC新闻词汇 第10期:Battle of the phones2016-08-16
Transcript:The lawyer representing Apple opened the case by showing slides of Samsung phones from 2006 and comparing&nbs
BBC新闻词汇 第11期:Learning Irish English2016-08-15
Transcript:Oliver Lyons runs the Swan Institute, which has been a fixture on Dublins main shopping street for
BBC新闻词汇 第09期:British battle over GM crops2016-08-15
Transcript:An anti-GM campaign group, Take the Flour Back, are planning a mass action to wreck experimental plots o
BBC新闻词汇 第08期:New broadband for Africa?2016-08-14
Transcript:Just fifteen years ago hardly anyone had a mobile phone in Africa. Today they can be seen in almost
BBC新闻词汇 第07期:Are electric cars gaining ground?2016-08-14
Transcript:Australia, the worlds largest exporter of coal, is addicted to fossil fuels, which generate most of its&
BBC新闻词汇 第06期:Towering fees for Big Ben2016-08-13
Transcript:Its one of the must-see attractions for visitors to London. Most tourists only get to look at the&n