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Amos Paran回答道,这个问题挺风趣,由于它其实跟英语如同并没有联络,仅仅一般的言语问题.
Eminent and prominent are both adjectives, and they can both be used to talk about people who are very well-known and successful in their profession. Eminent和prominent都是描述词.两者都能够用来描述功成名就的人.
Ok, well I say data and um I say both I say Data is or Data are but probably mostly is.好的.嗯,我两者都会用,我会说Data is 或许 Data are,可是或许更应该用is.
So first of all, let me explain that the Chief Executive Officer is the person at the head of a company. 首要,我先解释一下,Chief Executive Officer——总裁,是一个公司最大的人物
Hi Suharno, All these words are used to describe people who work in the media. 你好,Suharno.这些单词都是用来称号媒体工作者的.
Karen Adams answers: Look, see and watch seem very similar, they all talk about different ways of using your eyes. Karen Adams回答道:Look,see和watch 这三个词十分类似,它们都能够表明看的不同方法.
Thank you for your question Martin – its a really interesting question, and Im afraid theres no simple answer to this one.感谢你的问题,Martin.这个问题很风趣呢,可是我恐怕得说,它的答案不是那么简略呢.
For the first question about many andmuch, I think the original advice was very good: we tend to use many and much in questions and negatives, and use lots of or a lot of in affirmative statements - certainly in spoken English at least
Hello Cindy. This is a good question and Im sure that a lot of people have asked themselves this question. 你好,Cindy.这个问题问得好,我想有为数不少的人必定也曾就这个问题问过他们自己.
The simplest answer I can give you here is to say that in many contexts they are roughly synonymous - in other words similar in meaning and therefore sometimes used interchangeably, where the basic meaning is to find a solution or answer to a problem.
I wrote to you because I am in doubt with the correct use of person and people.我写信来是由于我对person和people的正确用法有置疑.
你问我答学英语第19期:Youth 年轻人2017-10-15
Thank you for writing to us with your question about the words youngster and youth, words which you say you are a little confused about.感谢来信问询让你感到困惑的单词youngster和youth的问题.
Im assuming that you mean in what we call relative clauses since this is where the confusion usually occurs.我猜你说到的跟联络分句有关,由于这是常常使学生们犯模糊的当地.
你问我答学英语第115期:throwaway society 扔掉型社会2017-10-14
你好,阿里.感谢你有关短语a throwaway society的问题
你问我答学英语第113期:Work out的多种意义2017-10-13
你好,玛丽塔!谢谢你提出的关于pop in,pop out和pop round这三个动词词组的问题
你问我答学英语第111期:In terms of和about的差异2017-10-12
嗨.Jeoung Kim,这是一个风趣的问题.in terms of和about之间存在一些差异,我想举几个比如来说一下这些差异.
你问我答学英语第110期:Inside job 内部违法2017-10-12
你好,米格尔.感谢你发问有关to be an inside job这个短语的问题; 这是一个违法界中的短语
你问我答学英语第109期:关于at hand和in hand2017-10-11
你问我答学英语 第108期:身世于富有家庭2017-10-11
to be born with a silver spoon in the mouth是什么意思呢?
你问我答学英语 第107期:No grass grew under his feet2017-10-07
你好,奥马尔.感谢你发问no grass grew under his feet(不要坐失机宜)这个俚语的意义
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