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AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-312015-01-02
There were protests in Berkeley, Missouri, one night after a white police officer shot and killed ablack 18-year-old. Police say Antonio Martin had pointed a gun at the officer,before the shooting.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-302015-01-01
Crowds converged on a gas station near Saint, Louis early Wednesday, after a police officer shot and killed a man. The officer fired a series of shots late Tuesday, after the man allegedly point a handgun at the police officer.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-292015-01-01
US stocks pushed further into record territory as the Dow Jones industrial average crossed past the 18,000-point mark for the first time. Investors cheered new data showing the US economy grew in the third quarter at the fastest pace in more than a decade.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-282014-12-31
New York mayor Bill de Blasio says hes willing to meet with police union leaders. The union leaders say that the mayor created a climate of mistrust. The mayor has called for a pause in protests and debate until the funerals of 2 police officers killed on Saturday.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-272014-12-30
French power and transportation company Alstom SA has agreed to pay 772 million dollars in penalties for bribing foreign countries. The Department of Justice announced the company willplead guilty of violating the foreign corrupt practices act, in what is poised tobe the largest penalty of its type ever assessed.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-262014-12-30
There are calls for calm in New York City following Saturday's deadly ambush of 2 police officers. The man who killed them took his own life shortly afterwards.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-252014-12-29
Members of the New York City communities are mourning the loss of two NYPD officers who were shot and killed on Saturday. The family of Eric Garner said they are saddened by the shooting carried out by Ismaaiyl Brinsley who claimed retaliation for Garner’s death.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-242014-12-29
1. US officials are calling the recent Sony Pictures cyber attack a matter of national security. Department of State spokesperson Jen Psaki says the FBI is now leading the investigation after the comedy The Interview was pulled from its theatrical release. An unnamed US official says the damaging attack is linked to North Korea.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-232014-12-26
A US official says federal investigators have connected the Sony Pictures hacking to North Korea. North Korea denies involvement. It’s described the hacking attack as a righteous deed,after Sony produced a movie about a fictional plot to assassinate that country’s leader.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-222014-12-25
The US and Cuba will start talks on normalizing full diplomatic relations, marking the most significant shift in US policy toward the communist island in decades.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-212014-12-25
New video shows police in Australia raiding a cafe where a gunman was holding hostages. The video includes hostages fleeing, armed officers rushing in, a series of explosions, and a sniper set up in the offices nearby Australian broadcaster Channel 7.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-152014-12-22
For this vote, the Yeas are 214, the Nays are 212, the resolution is adopted without objection and motion to reconsider it later upon the table.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-202014-12-21
President Barack Obama has condemned the attack on a military-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan. Saying it shows thedepravity of the terrorists. Taliban gunmen stormed the school on Tuesday, killing more than 100 children.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-192014-12-21
Authorities near Philadelphia are trying to find a man suspected of killing his ex-wife and five of her relatives. Police say Bradley Michael Stone and his former wife were fighting for custody of their daughters.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-142014-12-20
He was a mystery wrapped in sheeps clothing and an ill-fitting Christmas sweater until its owner came forward Tuesday night to reclaim the animal from its temporary digs at the Nebraska Humane Society. He is just like my boy. I wanna dress him up.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-122014-12-20
This is the most important vote that any member of Congress can take. It is a vote that potentially sends America's sons and daughter into harm's way, and we do not take that responsibility lightly.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-102014-12-19
It will involve in hand training, oversight and accountability to Federal law enforcement really all across the country.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-092014-12-19
Protesters filled streets and blocked traffic inNew York City for a second straight night. They are protesting a grand jury’sdecision not to indict a white police officer in the chokehold death of a blackman.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-062014-12-18
1. The White House says the Obama administration is making strides to fight against the Ebola. The administration announced Tuesday it has set up a network of 35 hospitals across the country to deal with Ebola patients. President Obama also visited the National Institute of Health to highlight advances in research for a future Ebola vaccine.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-052014-12-18
Authorities in West Virginia say they'll continue to process multiple crime scenes Tuesday where 4 people were killed by a gunman who then took his own life. Judy Lee Hunt, a tow truck company owner was found dead in a wooded area Monday.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-042014-12-17
1. Spurred by the Ferguson, Missouri shooting, President Barack Obama is calling for 75 million dollars in federal spending to get 50,000 more police to wear body cameras that record their interactions with civilians.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-022014-12-17
1. About 50 protestors carrying signs and chanting in support of Michael Brown, gathered near the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The New York police department warned earlier they wouldn’t tolerate any disruption to the annual event. Several people were arrested.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-12-072014-12-12
This is AP News Minute. Police say an adult aide and 2 children have died when 2 school buses collided on a Tennesse highway Tuesday. Another 27, mostly children, were injuried in the crash that left one of the buses on its side.
AP News一分钟新闻:2014-11-292014-12-11
1. One day after a grand jury decided not to indict police officer, Darren Wilson for the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Buildings in Ferguson in Missouri continue to smolder. Police made 61 arrests in Ferguson overnight, many for burglary and trespass.
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